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**READ PLEASE** How to Post Art and Board Rules

The Pandect comic Fanart submissions. Fanart should contain Pandect characters, or a combination of Pandect and original characters. We have sub boards for sketches and mature art and visual art based on Pandect characters!

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**READ PLEASE** How to Post Art and Board Rules

Post by Alter » Tue Jan 22, 2008 2:23 am

Table of Contents

  • How to Post Art
  • Art Board Policies
  • What Belongs Here


How to Post Art

To post fanart, first you must find a host that will host your fanart: Photobucket is a good one.

Then post it here by using the img tags:

Or you can simply post a link to the fanart.


Art Board Policies

  • Art can be dumped into one post as long as it does not exceed more than a single post. Posting a dozen different pictures on the fanart boards in quick succession is considered to be spam and you will receive a reminder. Please make a single art-dump thread to house these works.
  • Art that depicts character abuse will be removed. This does not include art depicting violence such as Ceasar and Edgar fighting, but does include art that depicts the artist or a surrogate for the artist harming the characters.
  • Art that has mature content (nudity, excessive violence/gore, sexual content) MUST be flagged with MATURE or something similar in the title. It also belongs in the NSFW sub-board, but the rule about having the warning in the title will remain in place. Err on the side of caution. If you think it's risqué, at least put NQSFW or an equivalent. This will be strictly enforced.
  • Chatting in review threads is considered spam and will be deleted. Discussion about the art in the thread is acceptable, provided that it stays on topic.
  • Threads beyond the first page will be locked for archiving purposes. Necroposting is not tolerated in the Fanart Board.
  • Threads with broken images and defective links will be locked until the author can replace them (If your thread is locked for this reason and you have a new or corrected link, please PM a moderator and they will unlock it for you so that you can modify it), or until they sink to the second page. The artist will be notified before the thread is locked, so as to give them time to correct the problem. Please modify the old thread instead of making a duplicate.
  • One-liners in this board are considered to be spam. One-liners are considered to be single sentence reviews. The shorter the sentence, the more annoying the violation. Please say more than "Squee!", guys.


What Belongs Here (And What Doesn't)


  • Comics
  • Sketches
  • Crack stick sketches/comics
  • Vector
  • CGI colored work
  • Traditional mediums (watercolors, oil painting, charcoal, etc)
  • Computer drawn work (pixel work done without a base. Dolls and other graphics made using a base with pixelled clothing added belong in Pandect Creative)

Does Not Belong:

  • Icons, banners, and avatars and signature creations. These belong in their respective forum and will be moved there.
  • Mature artwork – These belong in the NSFW sub-board. NC-17 art posted in the main board will be moved.
  • Unfinished artwork and doodles - These belong in the Sketches and Doodles sub-board. It doesn't matter how you choose to finish your artwork, whether that means stopping at inking, or stopping at the pencil drawing, or stopping at the coloring. It must be finished in the sense that effort has gone into making it a complete piece. When a sketch in the sub-board is completed, it may be reposted in a new thread in the main board for comment.
  • Photoshop manipulations, plushie pictures and comics, and other things that are similar. These belong in the sub-board Pandect Creative and will be moved there if deemed to fall under the above criteria.
  • Artwork that depicts original aces – These belong in General Cretive (under The Mess Hall) or in the PanRPG. Only art depicting Dina's characters can be posted in the Fanart board. Art depicting both original aces and those belonging to Dina, however, may be posted in Fanart.

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