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Not the Heroic Kind - Part 2

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Not the Heroic Kind - Part 2

Post by t3hfluff » Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:38 am

This is a fanfiction which stems from my secret santa present to J.

Part 1 found here

Warnings: Rude/Adult language, Slightly out of character, Unsexy facts, Fluff, Christmas theme, Cheezy pick up lines. Cheeziness in general. Later chapters will be marked NSFW but this part is not. Multiple POV. (Cleatus/Rose/Noah), Possible spoilers?

Pairings: Cleatus/Rose, Noah/Edgar
Features characters that do not exist.
Not the Heroic Kind - Part 2

It was December 18th, and just a week from Christmas day when Rose got the invitation to the Big holiday bash at school. Classes had just gone through finals and she was just turning in her grades.

One of her students screamed in the hallway with streamers and noise makers because it was her birthday and celebrating the fact she had no more classes.
Oh silly youth, sometimes she missed those days, even though it wasn’t very long ago she graduated from teaching school.

“You are cordially invited to the annual Christmas holiday extravaganza! You and a guest are invited to experience a night to remember! Catering and performances compliments of the city council and community outreach organization. Special guest, Exciting famous pop star! With MC Krazy Kat from the comedy club! It will be tonnes of fun!”

“Wonderful, I can’t wait! But who should I invite?” Rose began to ponder whether or not Ceasar wanted to go this year. Last year ended up terrible and she felt so embarrassed for him. This year he had his friends who may accompany him. Perhaps she didn’t need to invite him. Just to be sure she texted him.

“Hey nephew, are you coming with me to the holiday party this year? Or will I be going alone?”

“Oh, I’m going with Fleance, apparently he decided I introduce him to Exciting famous pop star. I doubt he’ll enjoy it as much as you do.”

Well there it was, Rose was going alone this year. That’s no fun. She thought of her nearest friends, but they were a continent away and wouldn’t fly out special just for her. A though then occurred to her as she rummaged through her coat pocket and found a receipt for The Hoppin’ Prairie.

Would he be interested? Rose knew very little about the charming platinum blonde gentleman who worked at the yogurt shop. He seemed nice, but outside their interactions in the store, he remained a mystery. The last few times she enjoyed his suggestion of adding the persimmons to her treat. She had always wanted to try them. There were a few trees on campus but she figured Titus would punish any students who dared pick from his orchard. They were delicious and not as soft as she expected instead they were crisp and juicy like an apple.

“I wonder if he brought more in today.” She said to herself as she packed her purse and locked up.

After leaving the campus and heading down towards the shopping mall, she noticed many of the students had left for vacation already. Only a few still lingered in town, many of the students were strange and almost always reminded Rose of a zoo. It pleased her that these students stayed, she seemed to enjoy their company more than her “normal” teenage students.

She waved at a couple boys she knew volunteered to be hall monitors. They were sitting on the benches talking with what she assumed were their siblings. So cute, she thought. They are such a loving bunch. And with a smile she walked into the mall and bee lined to her favorite treat shop.

But he wasn’t there. Perhaps he took the day off? Somehow she was disappointed. I suppose he too has a life. Still she supposed knowing when he worked would make her attempt to get to know him easier. She went in none the less.

“Hi! How may I hoppin Help you!?” said a sweet young girl, most likely a student who took on the holiday shifts.

“Ah, yes, I’ll have vanilla yohgurt with…” she paused. Did he leave any for other customers? Or were they special for her? Rose wasn’t sure if she wanted to know.

“Yes? With?”

“Oh um... almonds please.”

“Coming right up, Miss!” The girl quickly brought her order up and rung up the till.

“Could you, perhaps…” She started.

“Yes?” said the sweet girl.

Rose blushed a little in embarrassment. “When does Cleatus come in to work?” Asking for his hours! Why did it seem so childish?

“Oh.” the girl seemed a little confused. “Let me check the schedule!” She ran into the back for a split second and then hopped back out. “He’s closing tonight, he should be here around 5.”

“Thank you.” Rose paid and left. He’d be there in an hour, but waiting around just for him to come in seemed even more embarrassing for her.

Perhaps I’ll catch him at closing. And it was decided she would go shopping for errands while she was there.

It was around 9:30 when she finally came out of Nordstrom. It wasn’t so much they kicked her out but she felt two pairs of shoes and a dress was enough money spent, even though their scarves were adorable. With 3 grocery bags and arms full she walked back towards the yogurt shop to see if it was closing time yet.

Close enough, They closed at 10pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. Teenagers stayed there late at night as a hang out. I suppose that's the target market. Rose wondered if she was too old to be around all those teenagers. She was only in her 20s and but those kids sure made her feel like an old lady.

Rose placed her bags down at a bench in the hallway and peeked around the corner to see if Cleatus was really there. He was and he seemed exhausted. It looked like he was trying to shoo the teenagers out so he could clean up.

Rose couldn’t help but giggle a bit at the ruckus they were making. Poor man. He seemed maybe in his 30s and he must have seemed ancient to those teenagers because they were so rude to him.

After a few moments hiding around the corner, spying on her new friend, she wondered what he would like as a present. He did give her the persimmons and the free treat. But another tip seemed not enough. I will have to find out what he likes then. And Rose thought of what questions to ask him.

She watched him wipe down the counters and tables, his boss was closing down the tills and shutting off the machines. She overheard him say “You’re off tomorrow but I’ll see you Sunday morning.” That must have been music to his ears because she could have sworn she saw him sigh in relief.

As he gathered his things and the lights were being shut off, Rose came out from around the corner. He saw her and seemed shocked.

“Rose!” His expression had changed to a smile as she approached him. “We just closed. But I have a persimmon left.”

“Oh that’s alright, I came earlier, I must have missed you.” She sighed.

“Had I known, I would have come in earlier.” He shook his head. “How are you fairing this evening, my lady?” He seemed to lighten up and was as charming as ever.

“Fairly well, and you kind sir.” She liked how formal he was to her. It made her feel like she was more important than just a biology teacher.

“A whole lot better now that you’re here.” He grinned and walked up closer. She then realized how tall he was. Slightly higher than six feet. Perhaps not as tall as the janitor from the school, but certainly tall enough for her. “Why are you here so late, Rose?”

“I figured I’d get some Christmas shopping done before the sales are all over.” She picked up her bags to show him. “Of course, it’s mainly a present for myself.” She blushed.

He laughed. “Those are usually the best ones.”

She wasn’t sure to lead on or not but she certainly didn’t want the conversation to end there. She had just remembered she didn’t eat since earlier.

“Are you hungry?” she sudden asked.

“Starving!” He sighed. “Fruits and muffins and yogurt get old after a while.”

Rose giggled. “There should be a diner around the corner.”

“Lead on, my lady.” He bowed. “do you need help with your bags?”

“Oh, I am fine thank you.” Such a gentleman! Seriously they don’t make them like him anymore.I wonder where he’s from. “Where are you from Cleatus?”

He looked down at her with a look as if he was thinking the same of her. “Everywhere.” He mused.

“I’ve been everywhere in the world, but I’m originally from Paraguay. And you?” Paraguay? He’s so fair skinned it seems unlikely. She found that added more mystery.

“I’m from America” she said matter of factly. He didn’t seem surprised. Their walk in the cool winter night was short but lovely and they soon arrived at the diner.

“Did you travel a lot for work or leisure?” She asked as they took their seats.

“For my family.” He responded as he sat down. “What do you do for a living, Rose?”

“Oh I’m the intermediate grade biology teacher at the local Posiedon Academy. Have you see it?”

“Yes, my nephews attend there. Very expensive school.” She nodded in agreement.

“Your nephews?” this was fun, learning about Mr. Mystery gentleman. “How old are they?” She had so many questions.

“One is fifteen the other twelve, and another just started working there as part time janitor. He’s about 7 years younger than me.” He grinned as if he had told himself a joke.

The new janitor was the man she had met a few months back. He seemed familiar to her and also very strange, she could have sworn he hissed like a snake. Noah was his name she remembered but he was a guest at the time, not a janitor. It was shortly after her own pet rattlesnake Noah had disappeared. She thought she was crazy. I wonder what he thinks about snakes. Most men, she found to be wary of them.

“Are you here for them?” She asked.

“Yes, I had to find a local job to help pay for their schooling, unfortunately.” He sighed. She supposed it would be tough to pay for family tuition especially for more than one. She really admired that he was a family man. He certainly was not what she expected.

The waiter came by and they ordered some food. Rose felt like having a side of hot chocolate. Winter was not complete without having hot chocolate. Strangely Cleatus agreed and ordered one for himself as well.

They talked for almost an hour while they had their dinner and cocoa. They discussed favorite foods, colors, hobbies. He seemed to enjoy doing a lot of activities with his nephews. She found that endearing,

“If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be?” she asked him. He perked up a bit and chuckled as if she didn’t know already. He pulled out a picture from his wallet of a large yellow anaconda.

“Its part of a reserve in Paraguay I put together.” He smiled. “If I were an animal, I’d be this guy. That would be my ace.” He looked intently at her as if he was hoping to see her reaction.

A beautiful creature indeed. It amazed her that she found a man who showed interest in rescuing animals and actually cared for snakes.

“He’s beautiful. They are such misunderstood creatures.” She said. “Did you rescue him from a village?”

“Yes, they villagers were going to kill him for attacking a horse.” She guessed as much, poor thing.

“He must have been starving! Good thing you were there in time, eh?” She smiled at him with a new found respect. He chuckled and nodded.

“And you Rose, if you were any animal in the world, what would you be?” She had to think on this one a bit. Reptiles were definitely her favorite subjects. Noah, her pet rattlesnake was her pride and joy. But she remembered the beautiful boas she also had seen.

“Although my name is Wolf, I’d be a Boa constrictor.” She smiled. It took him off guard as If he were shocked and should have known. “I’ve always been a fan of snakes. I’m what you’d call a snake charmer. I supposed I’m an ace at that.” She giggled.

He seemed to lean over and gaze at her in wonder as if she was the most magical being in existence.

“Truly you must be, Ms Wolf.” He said in wonder as if he had read her mind.

She blushed so red and turned her gaze away. Her heart was beating hard now. She had not expected him to gaze into her eyes so fiercely. Gray eyes like moons. They pierced similar to his Nephew.

“So Cleatus the anaconda-”

“I’m sorry but I must admit, my mother was a wolf.” He interrupted her. Really? That’s cool.

“It seems it’s more common that I thought.” He nodded in agreement and kept looking at her with amazement.

Then she remembered her invitation. “Oh! I don’t know if you have plans for Christmas, but the school is hosting a holiday party and I was wondering..” she paused and blushed as if she were fifteen herself asking a boy out. “..if you’d like to accompany me as my guest.” She finished almost too quickly for him to catch it.

“A party you say?” He pondered on that thought for a moment. She twirled one of her curls around her finger anxiously to hear his answer.

“When is it?” he smiled. “I’d need to see if I’m working. Probably not the evening shift.”

“Oh. Christmas eve. At 6pm.” She fumbled in her coat for the invitation to double check.

“Sure, why not. I’ll need to make sure my nephews don’t get into trouble though.” He rambled off and looked outside as if he could see one.

“Wonderful. I suppose you do know where the school is? Here’s the invite with the details.” She handed him her invitation. He studied it for a few moments and nodded. The waiter brought them their bill and naturally Rose reached for it. “Would you like me to meet you there or somewhere else?” He looked up and cocked her a curious stare.

“You don’t have to pay for dinner, let me.” He reached for his wallet. “and wherever you wish.”

“Oh no, I need to give you a treat since you treated me so well. The cocoa’s on me too.” She cheered him with her mug. He grinned and sighed defeated. “We could meet at my place first, I live on campus so it’s not too far.”

“Oh. Alright. Shall I walk you home then. It’s past one.” Really was it that late? Were they really talking for three whole hours? She blushed and nodded and gathered her bags.
On the way back to the school, they actually walked closer together than previously. Rose blushed the entire way, but whether that was from the chill air or his proximity she wasn’t sure.

“Do you know anything about the stars, Rose?” Cleatus looked up to see several peeking from behind the clouds.

“Not much, I’m afraid. As a biology teacher I focus more on what’s on the earth than in the stars.” She responded.

“Would you like me to teach you?"

"That would be lovely!"

They spent a good half hour walking outside and going over major stars and constellations that Rose vaguely remembered about. He told a unique story about the naming of each of them. He knows so much. She felt a little jealous of his nephews, who had him all the time.

"You can teach me every night, If you'd like." she blushed. Did she actually say that? How cheesy.

"Would you like that Rose?" he raised an eyebrow.

"I would like that very much." she smiled.

“Here we are.” They arrived at the teacher’s dormitory. Cleatus held the door open for her. Again so gentleman like. She could really get used to it. “So you will meet me here next week then?”

“If not every night.” He bowed. “Good night my Rosey Boa,” he grabbed and kissed her hand and Rose turned beet red and huffed a bit.

“Good night.”
Why, yes, I DID cosplay as both Rocko and Cleatus!
I honestly wanted a shot of the two together... sadly didn't happen this time. perhaps at a different time! ;D

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