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Runner, part 5 (Mature)

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:00 pm
by Sihaya
“Noah, you really can’t keep ignoring this anymore. They’ve had enough, they’re going to kill him!”


“You can fix this! So do it already!”

She terminated their connection.

“Oh, that’s mature!” he yelled into the silent commlink.

But the way he knew Ameer, she was probably right. If Edgar refused to cooperate, they would terminate rather than let him loose.

The technomancer still pulled at him. He’d hoped the connection would disappear over time, but it hadn’t. He didn’t want to admit it, but it might even have gotten stronger.

Your aura has the exact same...

He could still hear Abel say it. It got a little harder every day to think nothing of it.

For the last four days Venus had called him every day, to try and get him to talk to Edgar, who was killing himself slowly in hopes ZO would finish the job for him. He’d been cut off from the Matrix for about two weeks now. As Noah imagined it, that had to be a little like having a limb severed without any sedatives. But what was he going to do about it? It’s not like he had any argument Venus hadn’t tried yet, any threat to deliver that Ameer couldn’t easily outdo. He didn’t have anything to...

You’re a real idiot, you are.

They were in the real world now. He was an adept.

He could just make him accept his arguments. He could save Edgar’s life.

The exact same...

He rushed out the door, IM-ing Venus to say he’d do it, that he was on his way, that he would save him.

Edgar’s door unlocked for him the moment he reached it.

They’d installed him in his own apartment, in hopes that the luxury might persuade him to see things their way. It hadn’t worked any better that the arguments and the pleas and the threats.


The moment their eyes met was indescribable. Noah had to fight the violent urge to run across the room and kiss his, all his Edgar senseless. Edgar had already made it halfway across before he realised he should not be so desperate to throw himself into the arms of the enemy.

“You idiot,” Noah said when he took in just how sickly Edgar looked. He hadn’t eaten unless forced and Venus said he didn’t sleep either, just tried to connect to the Matrix over and over. “Look what you’ve done to yourself...”

He closed the distance between them, rested a hand on Edgar’s cheek. The technomancer shied away and clung to him at the same time.

“Missed you,” he whispered. “Why can’t I just stop missing you?”

“I’m sorry it took me so long,” Noah said, letting some of his power well up. “I missed you too.”

Edgar let him hug him tight and Noah kept talking. It was now or never.

“You’re doing it all wrong,” he said. “This is not how you should be playing this game.”

“I don’t want to play at all,” Edgar said.

“You don’t have to play,” Noah said. “What is the easiest way to break the corps? Think about it.”

Edgar didn’t reply. Noah lifted him up - he was even more underweight now than when he’d pulled him out of the coffin - and carried him to bed.

“You beat them at their own game. You play along. You do what they want you to do, but you forget something here, you screw something up there, delete data ‘by accident’... Never enough to cost them more than you’d cost them if they got rid of you. You funnel secrets to contacts on the surface. You destroy them from the inside out, Edgar. That’s how you play this game. You give them yourself, and you take all of them away from them.”

There was no way Edgar could resist the adept’s spell in his current condition. He had no choice but to agree, to grasp at this way out as if it was his salvation - and perhaps it really was.

“I can’t do it. I don’t know how,” he cried.

“I’ll help you,” Noah swore. “I’ll keep you safe. I’m not letting anyone touch you again.”

They kissed. It messed with their heads.

“Is it just this link?” Edgar said, trying to convince himself not to do this, but his hands were already working Noah’s clothing.

“Abel says our aura’s have the same colour. He says that means we’re meant for each other, Edgar...”

“And that’s what your link did? Make us see that?”

Sure, Noah thought, I’ll go for any explanation to this madness at this point.

“It was,” he replied, “You’re so soft...”

He had his hands on him, finally really had his hands on him, and he wondered how he could ever pull away again. He kissed Edgar deeply, sliding his shirt down his shoulders and arms, and then kissed his way down to explore his chest and belly. Edgar ran his fingers through Noah’s hair and rubbed his scalp, his neck, his shoulders, while Noah’s tongue did things that had to be magic to him.

“You’re coming back to my quarters with me,” Noah said, “You’re not staying here by yourself anymore.”

Edgar could only mumble something incoherent as Noah’s lips closed around his nipple. For the first time in his life something was decidedly better in the flesh than it had been in the Matrix.

“I should hate you for what you did to me,” he finally managed with Noah’s tongue in his ear, “but I don’t. I missed you so much... I tried to get online over and over and every time I failed I wished for you.”

“I’m bad for you, Edgar...” Noah moaned.

“Everything is bad for you, these days,” Edgar replied. “But something’s got to kill you in the end, right?”

Noah pushed himself up so he could look Edgar in the eye properly.

“I want you for myself, so badly,” he breathed.

“I’ll do it,” Edgar said, “I’ll do all of it, playing the game and living here, out here instead of in there, and I’ll learn how to live with more than just my head. But only if you...”

“I swear,” Noah said, breathlessly, desperately, and wondered if this was it, if this was love, or fate, or all of that crap. “I swear.”

He kissed him again, open-mouthed and sloppy and wet and perfect, undoing the buttons on Edgar’s trousers and zipping his own down. Edgar gasped, overwhelmed by the sensation of hot, hard flesh meeting his own and a calloused hand on his sensitive skin as Noah took them both in hand and stroked. They moaned and grunted in each other’s mouths and Edgar bit at Noah’s lip when it became too much, too hot-and-cold, too light-and-heavy all at once. He whimpered Noah’s name and their connection pulled at them and they came together, tipped over the edge with no hope of return together.

“It’s real,” Edgar panted, breathing hard, feeling like his heart would never slow down again.

“It’s just the start, Edgar,” Noah promised, kissing him until he calmed down and slipped away into much needed slumber. Then he cleaned them up, lifted his technomancer off the bed and carried him to his own.

"Seems pretty clear to me," came Cherokee's voice over the comm.

"He's missed the two snipers over on the roof of the northwest building," Teddy supplied.

"Spoofed their guns. Once they get them back up they're set to fire on each other's location first," Edgar grinned.

"Between those 3 cowboys, I'm going to be out of a job soon," Teddy grumbled.

"I wouldn't mind a day off once in a while," Venus replied. "I can think of more exciting things to be doing than turning off all the alarms the two of you have tripped in the last ten minutes."

"Your talent is wasted on us," Abel said. "All's clear on my end. My elementals are making short work of the vault."

"It's been a while since it was this easy," Noah mused.

"Don't jinx it, Face," Teddy said. "I'd like to be home on time today."

"Looks like you might be," Abel said. "Door's open."

"Well done," Noah said. "Let's move in. Everyone knows what he's looking for."

Teddy and Cherokee ran past Abel to secure the room. They were supposed to get five prototypes from this Ares R&D lab, but Teddy was hoping they'd find some freaky new weaponry while they were at it. Noah, Abel and Edgar followed them in.

Efficiently they tore across the room, each looking for their own item.

"These specifics couldn't have been more unspecific if they tried," Cherokee complained.

"The item you're looking for is right in front of you," Venus sighed. "I can see it on your feed."

"Thanks," Cherokee said, and had the good sense to be a little embarrassed.

"Got mine," Abel said.

"Same," Teddy reported.

"I've got two that fit," Edgar said.

"Bring both," Noah said. "Done! Let's go."

"Face, I have interference. No idea how they made me," Kouros called.

"Whoa... Upsurge of activity... They're onto us," Venus said. "Looks like it might have been a trap."

"You jinxed it!" Teddy cried.

"With Edgar's help I can keep them off your backs until Kouros can shake his tail and pick you up."

"If you're planning what I think you're planning this is going to be fun," Edgar grinned.

"You know me too well," she said. "I'm piggybacking on your signal until you get into their mainframe."

"I've been in before, won't take more than a few seconds," he replied. "Noah, you're going to have to carry me."

"Anytime," Noah smiled.

Edgar dove into the Matrix, body instantly slumping into his lover's arms.

"Secure the entrance," Noah ordered. Teddy and Cherokee shot forward and braced themselves, weapons cocked. Abel ordered his elementals to patrol the immediate area.

"Let's hope Kouros gets himself out soon," Teddy said.

"Ares is terribly predictable. Besides, they don't really know who they're up against. It'll be fine," Abel said.

"We've managed to send the Red Knights they called on you somewhere else. Kouros is on his way to you now, we've managed to confuse his pursuers enough to make a safe pick-up. Stand ready," Venus chimed in.

"Red Knights? Maybe they do know who they're up against..." Abel said.

"ETA 1 minute, Face," Kouros reported.

"Brilliant," Abel said, "because my elementals just got into trouble."

"Shiny," Cherokee said. "How far out?"

"Kouros will be here in time," Abel said.

"He always is," Noah said.

"Go, go, go!" Venus shouted, and they scrambled out of the room without question, diving into the car that stood waiting with the doors open.

"Get us out of here fast and when I get home I'll do that thing with my tongue you like, gorgeous," Teddy said, voice low.

"Shut up!" Kouros squeeked, and the car swerved.

"Now is not the time!" Noah admonished, cradling Edgar's limp body.

"Tell him that!" Kouros pouted.

"You're being tailed again. Edgar will take care of them but be prepared to fight your way to the copter," Venus said.

"You really jinxed it, Face," Teddy grumbled.

"At least you feel like you're earning your money," Noah grinned.

They drove onto the airstrip. A quick count put 12 guys between them and the helicopter.

"I'm switching vehicles in 5 seconds," Kouros said, "too risky to pilot both at the same time."

The car came to a halt and they scrambled out to take cover behind it.

"Rainy days and automatic weapons always get me down," Abel sighed, drawing lightning down on three of their assailants.

"Same goes for them, it seems," Teddy commented, showering the rest with flechette rounds. Cherokee hooted and picked off the survivors.

"Only twelve," Teddy said, "seems odd."

"The rest got lost along the way," Venus said sweetly.

They ran across the tarmac and climbed into the helicopter. Kouros took off right away.

Edgar stirred in Noah's arms. "I think we're safe," he said. "Is it always like this?"

"Nah," Noah said. "Sometimes it gets interesting."

Edgar grinned widely and threw his arms around him to kiss him.

"Oh, Gaia," Teddy sighed.

On his other side, Abel fiddled with his comm. "Baby?"

"For sanity's sake!" the enforcer cried.

And Edgar laughed.