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Guardian: Chapter Two

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Guardian: Chapter Two

Post by Sihaya » Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:45 pm

Chapter Two: Lover

"So these are the documents I found that indicate that there is definitely something to our lead this time," Delia gushed, spreading centuries-old books and documents around her on the desk in the suite's library. No doubt some of them had been acquired for her by the Twins when she hadn't been allowed to check them out – she didn't do copies.

"Apparently the Dragons have been coming here for ages. Must be something about the Black Forest. The latest account is from over 300 years ago. A dark-skinned man with exceptionally blue eyes came here, accompanied by a manservant. They stayed with an aristocratic family and visited with them multiple times over a period of decades – I have some of the families diaries and ledgers. On their last visit, they were accompanied by a young boy who seems to have been an albino. He was tutored along with the family's children. "

Must have repressed that memory, Edgar thought.

"And how do we know this man was a Dragon?" Mordechai groaned.

"Because the family described him as such. Seems they knew. Seems they weren't the only family helping the Dragons to hide the key from hunters like us," Delia bit. "Now shut up and listen. The last time they spent almost a year here – town records confirm it. They stayed for too long, because a group of hunters caught up with them. The Dragon fled into the forest with the key and was never seen again. The manservant skipped town. The boy apparently stayed with the family and died a few years later – too weak to make it, I guess. The hunters never found the key even after killing the Dragon. Which is strange; every record we have indicates that the key never leaves the Dragon's person."

Edgar fondly remembered when Abel had told him about various times the key had gotten in the way when he and Ayubu had gotten 'creative' over the centuries because he would never take it off.

"I guess that leaves us with a few possibilities," Rose mused. "The Dragon hid the key somewhere in the forest because he planned on staying here for a while and someone might notice it if he kept it on him at all times. He fled there to retrieve it, but never got to it before he was killed . The key is still in the forest, or there was a successor who knew where to find and retrieved it. The key is now with that Dragon and all intel here is useless."

"Let's not assume that, it's too depressing," Noah moaned. "And there's really no way we can find it if it's still hidden somewhere in there."

"Secondly. It was not the Dragon but his manservant who fled into the forest to draw the hunters away from his master. The Dragon fled with the key and we might be able to find out where he went from here."

"Only slightly better," Cleatus commented.

Pretty much correct, however... Edgar thought.

"Thirdly. The key was entrusted to the family and is now in some vault, or museum, or something like that."

"It would have been documented, no way it could have stayed off the grid for that long," Venus said.

"I think so too," Rose nodded. "So what it comes down to is: was the Dragon killed in the forest, and was there a successor he might have passed everything along to?"

"There's a fourth option that's as depressing as first: the Dragon passed the key on to his successor and came here to live out the rest of his life in peace," Kouros said. "Maybe the key was never here and the Dragon was killed in vain."

"That would be very sad," Venus frowned. "What if he was with a lover?"

"You're all a big bunch of softies," Mordechai said with disgust.

"Why are you even here, Mooch?" Delia huffed. "Get the frack out."

"Someone has to keep all of your feet on the ground," Mordechai bit back. "The boss sure ain't going to do it. He's too busy groping your..."

Before he could finish that sentence, Teddy had grabbed him and literally thrown him out of the room. He growled low in his throat before slamming the door for good measure.

"Honestly," Venus sighed. "Thanks, Teddy."

"So what do we do? I know Ameer assumes we can dig the key out of the Black Forest in a day or two, but we all know that's not going to happen," Noah said.

"Do you have any more of that family's records? Maybe they know what happened to the key and the Dragons."

"Not that I've found yet," Delia said.

"Do you think it's possible he was the last one? That there are no more Dragons? Would the Library even still exist?" Rufus said.

We're just the Guardians, of course it still would, Edgar mused.

"I wish we knew more for sure," Venus said, throwing her hands up in frustration. "How long have we been trying to find the Library? Centuries? Millennia? And we still don't know anything about it for sure, or about the key, or about the Dragons! We're always a dozen steps behind. Look at us, we're catching up to a Dragon who was here before our grandmother's great-grandmother was even born!"

"Think of the endgame, though," Cleatus said.

"I just wish that once we'd get something tangible. Something to confirm that we're right to believe in this supposed fairy tale. I wish I could meet a Dragon. I just want to see the Library, anyway. I don't need to know of anything hidden inside its books. I just want to see it, walk around in it, smell the tomes and run my fingers across their spines; and then I can die the happiest woman on earth."

"We'll find it, Venus. I promise, love," Delia said.

"All of us together," Rufus said.

"Thanks, guys," Venus smiled.

The enemy, the enemy, the enemy, Edgar chanted to himself, and then Noah ran his fingers through his hair and said: "I bet you just want to see it as well, right sweets?" and Edgar leaned into his touch, closed his eyes and replied 'uhuh'.

"How about we all sleep on it, and try and come up with a plan over breakfast tomorrow?" Cleatus suggested. "It's late and we're all out of ideas."

Teddy grunted in agreement and drew an already half asleep Kouros to him, who settled against him with a sigh.

"Breakfast it is," Edgar sighed, moved away from Noah and tried to ignore the small sound of disappointment Noah made, and the tightening of his own gut.

They said their goodnights and split up.

"Do you still want some coffee or anything?" Noah asked. Edgar saw his own reluctance to end the evening reflected on Noah's face.

"Better not," he said breathlessly.

"Okay," Noah said.

They stood across the room from each other and stared. They'd spent a lot of time together over the past few days and it had been so easy, so natural to be around him all the time, so much so that it was getting dangerous. Very dangerous.

Three steps each brought them together in the middle of the room and they were kissing like the world would end tomorrow, holding on as if their lives depended on it. "Edgar," Noah muttered between kisses, "Edgar, Edgar..."

You need to stop! Edgar screamed at himself, Stop it right now!

He raked his fingers through Noah's hair, pulling it slightly and Noah groaned into his mouth, making his knees almost give out and then Noah slid his hands underneath Edgar's shirt to drag over his back and this was definitely not a kiss for luck. Edgar moaned wantonly and pulled away abruptly when he realised that sound had come from his own throat.

"What's wrong?" Noah begged, trying to reel him back in.

"You're bad for me," Edgar panted.

"Everything bad is good for you," Noah said desperately, but Edgar had already escaped from his embrace and made for his bedroom.

"Goodnight," he said, and shut the door just a fraction too forcefully. He sank down against it and tried to calm his breathing, quench his foolish and reckless desire for the man behind that door, and convince himself he needed to stop whatever this was right the Edgar now. And prayed to all the Dragons before him that it wasn't too late already.

Breakfast was not a happy affair. They'd all come to the same conclusion: unless they found a source that indicated otherwise, the key was either lost to the forest, or had been carried to safety to places unknown and they were right back where they started. Edgar had hardly slept and didn't find it at all difficult to look as downcast as the others.

"Titus is going to be heartbroken," Delia sighed.

"Ameer is going to be pissed," Mordechai said.

"So this is it then? We're just going to go home and hope for the next one?" Rufus said.

"I guess so," Venus said hoarsely. "I really hoped..." Rose rubbed her back.

"300 years is too long ago to yield anything really solid," Edgar said. "We were outsmarted by history."

"And that Dragon, no doubt," Cleatus said darkly. "I'm convinced they made a switch and the key was far away from here before those hunters killed him."

"So am I," Noah said, and Teddy nodded. "If this family knew of the Dragons, maybe more recent entries in their records will get us somewhere. We'll just have to get our hands on them one way or another. The bosses' unlimited funds and the Twins' skills should be a help."

Good luck finding anything Vanessa didn't burn 80 years ago... And she never told any of her children, Edgar thought smugly. I'm so sorry she's dead, she'd know how to put my head on straight again.

"I think that's the only plan we have right now. Delia and Venus should try and find everything that's still in Germany. Rose and I can get in touch with all of our international contacts and find the records that are preserved abroad. They were aristocracy; it makes sense museums and universities might have at least copies of some parts of the records," Cleatus said.

"We had a tentative job lined up," Kouros said, "but we'll be on standby 24/7." Rufus nodded vigorously.

"Don't bother calling me," Mordechai said, getting up. "You're all idiots. This was over before we began."

"Bye, Mooch," Cleatus said with a little wave.

"If you feel that way, by all means," Venus said.

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out," Noah said.

See you soon, Mooch, Edgar thought. I have a bullet with your name on it and this is the perfect time for you to disappear...

Mordechai rolled his eyes and stomped out of the hotel restaurant.

"I can't believe I used to date him," Venus groaned. Now Rose ánd Delia rubbed her back.

"Titus and the others are supposed to return from their mini business trip this afternoon," Delia said. "I guess we better update them straight away..."

"I'll call them," Cleatus said. "They're slightly less likely to bite my head off."

"Thanks, sweetheart," Rose said.

"What a mess," Noah sighed, rubbing a hand over his eyes.

"Just a disappointment," Cleatus replied. " A setback."

"We'll find it in no time," Venus said, but there were tears in her eyes.

"We'll stay here to help you," Noah said, indicating Edgar and himself, who looked back at him with eyebrows raised. "You'll need someone to watch your backs now that Mooch had trotted off."

"I can't just..." Edgar began, but between Venus' suppressed sniffles and Noah's puppy dog eyes he really didn't stand a chance – and didn't that just say it all. He sighed. "I'll work something out."

Noah opened his mouth to reply, but thought better of it and turned back to Cleatus. "I guess you should call now, that way they can think it over before getting here and we can make definitive plans once they arrive."

"All right. Everyone in agreement?"

They all nodded and Cleatus went into the bedroom to call.

"We're going back to our own hotel, make arrangements," Kouros said.

"I need to take care of some stuff too," Edgar said.

"I'll join you," Noah said quickly, "and we'll meet back here around dinner time?"

Rose nodded. "We'll have room service ready."

Noah and Edgar rode the elevator up in silence. Edgar was so preoccupied he didn't even notice it when they reached their floor. Noah took his hand and led him to their room, slipped an arm around his waist when he closed and locked the door and then drew him in, cupped his face and kissed him tenderly.

"Are you really staying?" he whispered, and Edgar whimpered at the fire behind their next kiss. "Are you really staying with me?"

He wasn't just asking about Freudenstadt, or the job, or the next leg of it. This was it. Edgar had to get out right now.

He clung to Noah with every ounce of strength in his body. "I'm staying," he said desperately, "I couldn't stay away anymore even if I wanted to."

"Oh, thank God," Noah groaned, and crushed Edgar to him. They kissed hungrily , trying to make up for years of denying themselves.

"Let me take you to bed," Noah begged, "You have no idea how badly I want you..."

Edgar didn't answer. Instead he let some of his real strength bleed through and ripped Noah's shirt right off.

"Oh, God," Noah whimpered, and lifted Edgar clean of the floor, made him wrap his legs around his waist and carried him into his bedroom.

Edgar had managed to get his own button-down off by the time Noah dropped him on the bed and he scooted back so Noah could get in with him. Noah was all over him immediately and they clawed at each other, stripping the rest of their clothing as fast as they could until they were finally naked, and finally in bed together.

Edgar mouthed and nibbled at Noah's neck, while Noah ran his hands over Edgar's thighs, bottom, back, chest, stomach, and down, down, making Edgar arch up into him and against him and -

"I don't think I can take this slow now that I've finally got you in my bed," Noah groaned into the crook of Edgar's neck.

"We can take it slow after," Edgar replied with another nip at Noah's earlobe, "unless you don't think you can take it more than once in the next 5 hours or so?"

"Edgar, Edgar, sometimes it feels like I've been hard ever since I first saw you. I'm pretty sure I can take that gorgeous taco of yours as many times as you want me to until Ameer busts in here to drag me off of you."

Edgar moaned. "Is that a promise?"

"Yes," Noah whispered. "I'll promise you whatever you want as long as you stay."

"I'll stay as long as you'll have me," Edgar swore before he even realised he was doing it. "I love you so much..."

Noah pushed up so he could look down on the man lying underneath him, surprise clear on his face.

"Say that again," he said breathlessly.

"I love you," Edgar said.

"I love you, too," Noah said reverently. Then he was all over Edgar again, whispering filthy promises into his ear while his fingers got busy preparing him, stroking him, stroking them together until Edgar saw stars and Noah finally sank into him, grabbed hold of his heart and soul and pushed him over into rapture.

In all his 348 years Edgar had never felt like this. Safe. At home. Like this was exactly where he was meant to be, and how he was meant to be; with Noah, as close together as they could possibly be.

"It's never been like this," Noah whispered, "If I'd know it'd be like this..."

"I never imagined..." Edgar breathed, "Noah..."

"If you thought you'd get away from me after this, Frog, you can forget about that right now," Noah swore. "I'm never letting you go again."

"I don't want you to," Edgar whispered, and Noah kissed him messily, ground into him and proved he was more than capable of taking it more than once until Ameer came banging on the suite's front door.

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