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Not the Heroic Kind - Part 1

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:18 am
by t3hfluff
This is a fanfiction which stems from my secret santa present to J who loves these pairings! :) It's become my OTP, I'm serious!

Full extent of this fiction may be up to 5 chapters. (not sure yet)

Warnings: Rude/Adult language, Slightly out of character, Unsexy facts, Fluff, Christmas theme, Cheezy pick up lines. Cheeziness in general. Later chapters will be marked NSFW but this part is not. Multiple POV. (Cleatus/Rose/Noah), Possible spoilers?

Pairings: Cleatus/Rose, Noah/Edgar
Features characters that do not exist.

Not the Heroic Kind - Part 1

Plagued with nightmares, Cleatus could not sleep well at night. Because he and Noah had this cursed connection his dreams would be filled with Noah’s dirty thoughts. For the longest time he did his best to block it or ignore it but it was starting to have a physical effect on him and worst he’d wake up sweaty and in heat. It was terrible.

Mother, why did you curse my second chance at life with this dreadful mind connection!?

He very much wished for peace and quiet, and that’s why he was so determined to rid Noah of his current love obsession. Psychic gladiators, prone to falling in love if their emotions were not in check, would lead them to downfall. Cleatus feared the worst should it happen to his best disciple; Noah, who he cherished like a son.

Each night with dreams of Noah’s thoughts drew Cleatus closer and closer to madness. If it didn't cause Cleatus’ downfall from insomnia, it would most definitely cause Noah’s death by Edgar’s Poisonous kiss.

For the past few months, Cleatus had been working at the Hopping Prairie during the day and it almost drove him insane! There were so many hyper rabbit aces that operated the facility. They were always unpredictable. It was almost as sickening as the happy go lucky humans who came in for treats.

The place itself wasn't bad; however, there was a full all you could eat yogurt bar with every topping imaginable and a nice bakery section to put your treats on or inside even. Cleatus always enjoyed bringing some of his treats home for breakfast the next morning, and to give his “nephews.”

Certainly the thing he enjoyed most was tormenting Noah each and every morning with a threat that he’d really bake the muffins himself. Most days would be monotonous with virtually nothing to quell his anger at his co-workers. Those hardships he ended up taking his anger out on his poor “nephews.” All of whom wondered why Cleatus wanted to work there in the first place. “I can’t afford to pay for those classes you teach, Noah, so I have to work extra just so we can live and get through our revenge.”

Each and every day, Cleatus would wear a grimace which he passed as a smile while serving customers, he never truly smiled, not from the heart, never from the heart. His best smile is his grin when he’s fighting, that would be what anyone would call, a maniacal grin. Something he hadn’t had in a long time. Not since he lost his senses.

No, Cleatus always reserved his emotions quite well and rarely showed any amongst his kin unless he was furious with their shenanigans. It was better to keep things left unsaid and in check. Noah’s emotions enough were unbearable, his own personal fury was struggle enough to keep in check.

His insomnia was getting worse with each passing day. And each attempt to destroy the servant of the Black Prince was foiled by Noah. Noah was always on to his plans, and their special connection was the culprit. Eventually, Caligari told him to spare Edgar. Wonderful.

The only time Cleatus found any solace, any rest at all was at work only on the days his best customer came in. His best customer was a young woman.

This woman was no ordinary woman! Cleatus did not know what it was about her that made his day seem different. At first he thought perhaps he was coming down with rabbit flu that was going around. He was entranced and he never once found a female who could entrance him. That made him curious.

She was roughly 5’6 and had long curly brown hair. She was older than his normal clientele and seemed far more mature. She always ordered a small cup of plain yogurt with strawberry toppings. Nothing to extravagant like he was used to serving. Simple and she never went all you could eat. He liked that.

Somehow her interactions with him made his grimace more a smile. However, whenever she left he would suddenly realize where he was. When she was there nothing really bugged him as usual and when she was gone, he went right back to being annoyed at his job, annoyed at his problems.

One day, when she came in again. And close to fury and curious, he decided to investigate her. He wasn’t quite sure if she was human. She certainly looked like one, but did not have the same qualities he experienced with others, and whatever scent she had, it wasn’t human at all.

He seemed strangely attracted to her but he could not understand why. Perhaps she is an Ace. Aces have the ability to hide their natures. I will have to ask her.

When she came in next, he would prepare something sweet to say to her in hopes of getting information.

“Your usual, miss?”

“Oh, you remembered? Thank you.”

“Of course, for such a charming lady!”

She blushed a bit at his words and thanked him. He was hoping she’d at least give him her name, but not this time. The next time she’d come in he’d have to try to start a conversation.

“These strawberries are the last of the season! We won’t have them again till spring.” He feigned a sad expression.

“Oh, hmm, which fruits will be in season for the winter then?” She asked.

“Do you like persimmons? I find them much like apples.” He smiled.
She nodded. “very well then, I’ll get some fresh ones just for you next time.” He winked.

She laughed and blushed at him. Good he thought.

“I’ll save it for you miss…?”

After a moment of silence she realized he was asking her name.

“Oh. I’m sorry, I’m Rosetta Wolf. But call me Rose.” Wolf?

“Rose.” he repeated. “I’m Cleatus, just ask for me next time and I’ll bring your order to you right away.”

“Oh. You’re too kind, sir. Thank you.” She blushed again and left.

And so his day would again turn from annoying to pleasant, but this time it didn’t return to annoying right away.

She’s a wolf? No, that’s not right, I would have definitely known it. Unless she’s good at hiding her scent, like me.

Next time he would bring her persimmons and then perhaps she would stay long enough for him to get more information about who she was and why she had this soothing aura and why he couldn’t sense her scent. It started to become intertwined with his scheme. He had to use his charms and manipulative nature to get more information.

The season was changing and so of course the fall decorations were being put away and that meant, more cheery changes to Cleatus’ already cheery uniform.

T'is the season to be jolly my cloaca!

He grumbled as his coworkers pulled out all the Christmas holiday decorations and jingle bells for their reindeer antlers.

"I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those." But alas he was forced to wear the antlers. Thankfully without bells. But that didn't stop his coworkers from ringing and jingling all around him.

“Come on Cleatus! Celebrate!” said a young Rabbit ace who had worked there for less than a month.

He decided to play with this youngling.

“Suuuure, why not? I’ll just gather the reins and run your grandmother over with the sleigh!”

The young ace laughed at first and then realized that Cleatus made a serious threat.

“Pooper” he said and hopped off. Thank mother!

The mass marketing of the season irritated him to no end. The holiday had lost all meaning of its true importance, the birth of the King. This infuriated him.

Mother, please give me the strength to survive this season to fulfill my purpose. He prayed under his breath as his coworkers flurried around him hanging up decorations and singing merry songs.

Christmas for Cleatus always ended up being just another day, and It seemed like this year would be the same. But things can change suddenly and so did that afternoon while finishing the touches of decorating across the entrance to the shoppe.

“Merry afternoon, Cleatus!” said a soft voice.

He jumped and nearly slipped off the stepping stool.

“Y-Yes.” He stumbled. “Good afternoon!”

Rose giggled as she walked into the store. “Did you bring the persimmons for me?”

That soothing feeling started again, it was starting to become addicting! I should her around more often so I’m not bothered by these fools. He felt somewhat pleased with that idea.

“Of course! Let me get them for you, my lady.” He winked and walked behind the counter and pulled out a bag of newly picked persimmons.

“They’re from my tree” He said. It was true, it really was on the orchard part of the academy where he and the crew lived, but he wouldn’t say he stole it out loud.

“How wonderful!” She beamed as she reached for her wallet.

“Oh no, today it’s on me.” He insisted. “A present.” He handed her a cup of yogurt with freshly cubed persimmon on top.

She was taken aback a bit and blushed. “That’s so sweet of you.” And took it from his hand; Their fingers brused just gently and for a split second Cleatus smiled. Rose smiled sweetly in return and took a seat in a booth nearby to eat her treat.

He watched her as he cleaned his work area and she knew it because she couldn’t stop blushing and that made Cleatus even more proud of himself.
Now as all this was happening, the rein-bunnies who were working nearby noticed Cleatus sudden change in mood.

“He had a true smile did you see that right?” One said to the other. Tricky as rabbits are, they decided to take advantage of his distraction and one of them placed two bells on his antlers while the other rung up another customer next to him.

Now, they didn’t mind him giving his free share away as he had never given anything away prior and were pretty shocked. Just 2 weeks ago he got on his boss’ case about giving away free cups to friends.

“How are you to make the bottom line doing that all the time?” His boss insisted that freebies brings more people Hoppin’ to the Prairie (a copywrited slogan for the place if you couldn’t tell).

Rose had finished her treat and came back up to the counter. She slipped a tip in his jar and smiled and waved as she left. He nodded at her and jingled as he did. He was confused at first.

Did I just jingle?

His coworkers were sniggering behind him and all at once he understood what happened. He swung around and gave them a deadly glare. They couldn’t help bursting out laughing because he jingles as he moved and negated the effect of his glare.

“Hey! You got a tip!” One exclaimed.

“You rarely get that! Good job!” said the other.

Cleatus wasn’t sure to skin them and chop them up and make them into a stew or shove the bells down their throats. Frustrated and embarrassed he tore the antlers off and tossed them onto the counter.

“I’m taking my break!” He stormed right passed them and out the back.

Next chapter is Rose focused.
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