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Not the Heroic Kind - Part 3

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Not the Heroic Kind - Part 3

Post by t3hfluff » Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:56 pm

This is a fanfiction which stems from my secret santa present to J.

Part 1 found here
Part 2 found here

Warnings: Rude/Adult language, Slightly out of character, Unsexy facts, Fluff, Christmas theme, Cheezy pick up lines. Cheeziness in general. Later chapters will be marked NSFW but this part is not. Multiple POV. (Cleatus/Rose/Noah), Possible spoilers?

Pairings: Cleatus/Rose, Noah/Edgar
Features: Noah, Caligari, Rocko, Timmy, Rufus, Ice, Kouros, Francis and characters that dont exist.
Not the Heroic kind - Part 3

Noah again was woken up early by Cleatus arrival with breakfast. When does he ever sleep?

On nights Edgar didn’t come by, sometimes Cleatus would sleep on the couch and Mooch and Timmy on the floor. It seemed like they took turns doing so. I probably should let them sleep in this big bed.

“He’s not coming tonight either, you can sleep on this bed if you’d like.” Noah offered. Cleatus looked as if he was pondering hard about it. Why so quiet I’ll know what you’re thinking later anyways.

“You’ve had sex on this bed?” he furrowed his brow and pointed to the mattress.

“Duh, of course, you even watched us you crazy old snake!” Noah hissed.

“I told you already, I’m not old!” he hissed back. Sure thing gramps, you sure act old.

“I wouldn’t get much sleep on there anyway!” He grumbled. “ If you’d stop being such a Caesar and give me you’re nasty dreams, I might get a peaceful nights sleep!”

“Well, stop thinking about the past and giving me haunting dreams!” Noah rebutted. Cleatus sighed and sat down.

“Eat your breakfast.” He produced his classic paper bag from the school’s bakery. He always woke up early, showered, got ready for work and went down and got them all breakfast. They never let him cook for them again after a certain incident with some habanero pepper omelettes. Noah thought he was going to die it hurt so much.

“Will you feed it to me?” Noah opened his mouth wide.

“I’m not a mother bird. And stop being so lazy!” he stuffed the muffin in his mouth got up and walked off.

Noah chuckled and pulled apart his blueberry muffin. Tomorrow would be Christmas eve. He remembered dreaming about the first Christmas he shared with a young girl while healing from being run over. I wonder why I remembered that? He shrugged and rolled back over into bed. He was cold. He hated the cold. He fell back asleep and dreamed of his old owner again and the many Christmases they shared.

Later in the morning, Noah showered and got dressed then wondered around the dormitory hall. There’s a lot of different aces living here. There were still more humans present than aces but he knew an Ace on the spot because they were so strange. The humans didn’t seem to mind, of course these brats had cliques and some of the stranger kids actually got along well with some humans. The uniforms made them all blend in, but he knew the humans would have much stranger casual wear than Aces.

“Noah” He heard a voice behind him. It was Prince Caligari.

“Ah, Prince, what’s up?” Noah smiled.

“Can you figure something out for me?” Caligari looked worried.

“Yes, Prince?” Noah suddenly went serious.

“Could you find out why uncle Cleatus is coming home late after his shifts?”

He’s what? Strange. Usually Cleatus went straight to guarding the Prince after his shifts, if he didn’t pick Timmy up from class.

“Very well, Prince I’ll find out for you.” Does he suspect me being a reason? Noah pondered on that for a moment.

Noah decided to wonder down by Cleatus work today, he wasn’t sure why. Maybe he just wanted to make fun of him in his delicious looking uniform. Teasing his old Uncle Cleatus was fun and Noah was bored. Timmy wanted some yoghurt and tagged along. Noah had no idea where Mooch ran off to.

Cleatus was cleaning up the tables when Noah entered the cute little prairie shop. Too cute. He thought the whole idea of his dear teacher working here was a big joke and found it so cute to see him dressed up like a reindeer. He tried to sneak up on Cleatus but was spotted in the window’s reflection.

“Don’t you even dare.” He hissed.

“Fine, I won’t hug you.” Noah hissed back.

“Surprise!” Timmy leaped onto his uncle’s back and hugged him. Cleatus chuckled at Timmy’s affectionate hello. “Can I have a treat!?”

Cleatus lifted Timmy off his shoulders and petted his head. “Not too much, young snakeling, you’ll get indigestion.”

“Yay! Timmy gets treats!” Timmy cried.

“Hey Thumper,” He called to his coworker behind the counter. “Will you ring my nephews up? I’m going to take my break now.”

“Oh family time!?” Thumper giggled and waved Noah up to the counter. He and timmy got a medium sized cup. Noah was expected to pay. What!? You old snake why don’t you just treat us? He reluctantly payed the cute bunny ace and went to fill his cup with chocolate and vanilla frozen yoghurt, he then topped it with some nuts and fruits. Timmy. Well, that brat got everything available.

“You’re going to make yourself sick.” Cleatus scolded.

“I’ll be fine, uncle!” grinned Timmy with a yoghurt mustache. His face was filthy. Cleatus shook his head.

“What about me?” interrupted Noah. “I had to pay for your treat. Don’t throw it up and waste my money!”

“S-sorry Noah.” Timmy blushed and meekly nibbled on his spoon.

“Any news from the Prince?” Cleatus asked Noah.

“Well. He wondered why you were late coming home last night.”

“He could have just asked me.” Cleatus furrowed his brow.

“Maybe he’s intimidated by you?” Noah mused.

“I don’t see why, Ameer made him just as cruel to me as himself.” It was true. Caligari teased Cleatus a lot too. Noah too had a small fling with the young prince at a time. But that was at least 20 years ago.

There was a small commotion coming into the shop and Timmy perked up and grinned. He jumped off his chair and skipped over to the door to pounce onto one of his classmates.

“Ruuuuffuuuusss” Timmy almost floored Rufus but the kid was getting fast and flipped Timmy clear off his back and he landed with a thud.

Cleatus got up immediately and went to the kid. Uh oh, he’s in trouble now.

“No rough housing in this shop, little Timmy!” He dragged Timmy by the ear out the store and had a word with him.

Rufus laughed and Kouros looked around and met Noah’s stare. Kouros. Noah was training the cub in martial arts and weapon fighting so the kid could at least learn self-defense. He remembers asking the kitten why he was in his class. Kouros had potential, even though he wasn’t a gladiator rank. It made the kitten endearing.

With them was the dog ace, Ice, he believed. That kid too was an interesting one. He had stared at Cleatus a while and then was tugged by Rufus to the counter where they got their treats.

I wonder what Ice knows about Cleatus. Noah knew the vice principal, Rocko was Ice’s guardian. Rocko has been around for a long time and knew much about the last serpent war. But it seemed his son wasn’t the smartest dog and most likely did not know their involvement.

Noah looked down at his cup and felt quite lonely. Edgar is with his prince now. My soulmate who costs me my powers. Cleatus, I don’t know what to do. Is our mission wrong? Mother frowns upon destroying Fleance, but our family… He got lost in his thoughts and memories.

He then started to get rather horny and really wished he had his little frog to pounce on right there. Sighing, he stood up, tossed his trash and walked out the door. Cleatus was sitting down at a bench lecturing poor Timmy about being impulsive. The kid was a psychic gladiator too. Cleatus was trying to keep the kids head on straight. But it seemed he got along well with the other cub in his power group.

“I’ll see you later, Cleatus.” He waved. “I need to prepare for, well, Christmas.” Cleatus frowned.
This year, Noah was planning on a special dinner between him and his googly-eyes. Cleatus was of course opposed to the idea. Cleatus never had a lover, so he wouldn’t understand romance like this. Besides, Noah felt he would have the best sex ever afterward his romantic dinner and that was a present in itself. He got rather hot and bothered by the idea and desperately needed to relieve himself.

In the evening he came back to go shopping for ingredients for his dinner and saw Rose again. He didn’t really speak to her the first time. And wasn’t sure what to say if anything. Uh, nice weather? he shook his head. She walked right past him as if she didn’t even see him there. She seemed to be in a hurry and looked excited.

He then thought he hadn’t seen her in a while. And that thing he managed to pry off her was still lurking about. I better make sure she gets home safe. He thought and started following her.
He followed her to the beach where she started to look around anxiously in the dark. What in the world is she doing out here? It’s dangerous! Noah felt very worried. He was slithering about under the bushes and peeking out. He could feel no one around for miles. This was not good.
Suddenly up ahead he saw someone approaching. Noah felt like he was going to get ready to kick butt. But he stopped immediately when he realized who it was.

Cleatus had run up and met Rose there on the beach. He smiled and greeted her with a kiss on the hand. What!? Noah was dumbfounded. This doesn’t make any sense. Cleatus! With a woman, and of all the people in the world ROSE?! My human owner!?

Caligari sent Noah to spy on Cleatus and this is what he ended up finding? Noah went back to watching them in the shadows and moved closer to see if he could hear what they were saying.

“Did you have a good day today?” Rose asked.

“I did. My nephews came to visit me.” He sighed. Little trouble makers they are Noah overheard his thoughts. Crap. That means he might hear Noah’s. So Noah tried his best to keep stealthy.

“How lovely.” Cheered Rose. “So tell me more about the Greek constellations.” She grabbed his arm and they walked down the beach as Cleatus was explaining the history of the stars.

Noah was a little relieved Cleatus didn’t sense him there. But this was worrisome. What does he want with Rose? Perhaps that’s why he dreamt of her this morning.

Noah followed them a while and listened to Cleatus remark about the ocean, seafaring and why the Greeks found the stars to be the best maps. Rose teased him that he looked like a Grecian statue. Cleatus seemed a little embarrassed by her compliments. Rose seemed very happy by his side and even more surprising to Noah is how genuine his old uncle's smile was. That made Noah nervous.

Is he? No, he only knows heroic love. Selfless love. But why is he meeting her in secret? Noah got very worried. To witness his mentor fall in love with the human Rose who he considered family.

I must tell Caligari.. Noah was afraid he might be discovered and started to leave when he overheard Rose.

“I got you a Christmas present.” She blushed and pulled a small box from her bag. “I really hope you like it.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Cleatus objected. “Your friendship is more than enough.”

Rose handed him the box and he opened it. A reflective light bounced into Cleatus’ eyes and he was in wonder.

“It’s Ourobouros. I remember you telling me about the Egyptians and used it in their beliefs in renewals and how the stars were everylasting in cycles.” She looked down and fidgeted nervously.

“It’s perfect.” Cleatus was breathless. He pulled it out of the box and held it up. It was a snake pendant with a ring of gold and a diamond eye. The light from the stars bounced off the diamond and created a prism on Rose’ cheek.

“Thank you.” Cleatus leaned over and kissed where the light had shown and then hugged Rose. Alright that’s enough spying for me.

Noah ran back to the dormitories and to his room. Caligari was waiting for him there and to his surprise the Vice principal too. What’s he doing here?

“Ah, Noah, nice to see you." Rocko said cordially. “Caligari and I were discussing some improvements for the school.”

“Noah do you have any news for me?” the young prince looked at him with suspicious eyes and a sly grin. I just found Cleatus, Noah directed his thought towards Caligari. He was meeting a friend on the beach.

“He was, was he?” Caligari spoke outloud. Rocko turned his head and had a queer look.

“Uh, yes." Noah looked at Rocko nervously. "He was talking about astronomy.” Caligari sucked in his breath and then casted a very sad look.

“Daddy…” Noah understood immediately. Soar wanted to see the stars before he died.

Rocko cleared his throat and stood up. “I believe we’re done here Caligari, I’ll bring your suggestions to Prince Titus attention.”

“Yes thank you.” Caligari nodded and turned to Noah. “Why isn’t Cleatus here?”

At the mention of the name Rocko stopped halfway through the door and listened intently. Noah felt it was really no harm in this temporary overseer to hear. “It seems he’s fallen for the charm of a young woman here.” Rocko closed the door behind him.

“A woman? Cleatus? You must be mistaken.” Caligari furrowed his brow.

“That’s what I thought too, but I will admit that this woman…” Noah hesitated.

“Yes?” Caligari seemed irritated.

“S-she has a strange power. She was my owner for many years and brought me here.” Caligari gasped as if he never knew Noah was a pet. "Even Titus said he feels attracted to her."

“If she could tame you and Titus…” he thought hard. “Francis?”

The tarantula servant Caligari had aced and bowed. “Yes prince?”

“What did the journals say of a human with special powers?”

“I-I am unsure, my prince. I will try and research the matter.” She bowed.

“Please do.” Caligari stood up and paced the room. “Good job Noah. Now if you excuse me, I have to celebrate the holiday with my brother.” And they left the room.

Cleatus… Noah pondered about their meeting in the dark. Do you have any idea what you’re getting in to? He looked at the clock. 9pm. Where is Edgar? I need a Edgaring distraction!


Part 4 is The Secret santa excerpt found Here
Why, yes, I DID cosplay as both Rocko and Cleatus!
I honestly wanted a shot of the two together... sadly didn't happen this time. perhaps at a different time! ;D

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