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The Juliette Killer [Part Six]

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The Juliette Killer [Part Six]

Post by sagechan » Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:42 am

Part Six: The Juliette Killer
December 8, 1937

Roselyn didn’t look pleased that he didn’t have any new information for her beyond what the department had figured out about the newest victim. That she was just like the other’s single and very vulnerable, accept that he didn’t know this woman and her blood hadn’t been completely drained. True to his word Cleatus didn’t spare her any of the details along with the fact that a child had found the body, he’d even brought her photos of the old crimes and everything dating back to London. She’d avoided Nessa’s file not wanting to see her best friend like that. To be honest she was surprised he’d even brought it to her to begin with.

She watched the blonde haired devil sitting at her kitchenette lazily smoking a cigarette and looking at the dull sunlight of winter streaming through her front sitting room window. The way the light hit his face it made his eyes look almost hollow, but Roselyn could tell he was thinking about something. He snuffed the cigarette out into the bowl she’d given him each time he’d come over.

He could feel her chocolate eyes staring at him, she was angry about something that he knew. There was a lot of pressure on him from the department to solve this quickly. Now that there was another victim there would likely be only one more before the killer moved to another city. Cleatus pretended that he couldn’t feel her staring at him as much as she was at the moment sighing he didn’t really care how angry she was with him at the moment. Reaching into his pocket he pulled another smoke out and lit it up, she pursed her lips into a thin line. “I wish you wouldn’t smoke in here.”

The request took him by surprise. “You work in a club. People smoke there all the time.”

“But this is MY house!” She snapped back her chocolate eyes narrow and accusatory.

With that Cleatus snuffed out the cigarette into the bowl with the four others. This woman was going to drive him insane.

Roselyn thought about her next words, choosing them carefully. “I know that it’s you sending me flowers every day.” She paused pouring herself another cup of coffee, four creams and two sugars. “They’re waiting for me every time I get off stage, the orange lilies and daises.”

He raised an eyebrow at her leaning forward to take a sip out of his own mug, two sugars and four cream. His time in London had made him more partial to tea. “Would you like me to stop?”

She shrugged putting the steamy liquid to her lips and looking anywhere but at him. “I didn’t say that.”

Cleatus nearly choked on his coffee.
+ + + + + +

December 16, 1937

Daku had been looking for clues for a few weeks now and he couldn’t find anything connecting someone Nessa’s death. He hadn’t been in the club since Titus gave him the job, he was beginning to think it was just something to help him find closure. But how could he? The thought of that son of a Ice living out there in the city somewhere was eating him up inside. He couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t think straight. One night he woke up with his gun in hand while he was in the bathtub. That scared him, after that he packed it away into the floor safe.

Running a hand through his dirty hair in frustration he read over the papers again. Their mole in the department had given them all the documents about what they had called “The Juliette Killer.” Still there wasn’t anything in them that was of use to him, they were suspecting the Serpents for this job then they were off their rockers for sure. Serpents were known for brutality but this was a little extreme even for them. Besides Titus struck up a deal with their union after the factory ‘mysteriously’ caught on fire; what reason would they have to kill an innocent woman on their bank roll?

Rubbing his eyes impatiently he went through the list of people. One name kept popping up in the documents. Cleatus. Who the hell was this guy? He was in nearly every report from the London murders to the latest one after Nessa. Was he the killer? Could he be involved somehow? It wasn’t until he came across a report signed by Noah that he realized who the guy was. “God damn it!” Daku swore throwing down the file. There on the inside was the report from when those two police had come and questioned Titus.
+ + + + + +

December 24, 1937

“It’s Christmas Eve how did you get a table here?” Roselyn asked exasperated. He’d asked her to come out to a diner half way across town just to talk in one of the most exquisite restaurants in town no less. The menu was in French and Cleatus had already said he’d ordered for her since she was late coming in.

“I know someone.”

The pair lapsed into silence while Cleatus ate Lamb for dinner and Roselyn at hers as well. The meal seemed a bit traditional for someone like Cleatus, even the wine was an expensive blend. She’d shocked herself at how much she knew having been around Titus as long as she had.

“The cops think there’s been a break in the case.”

“Oh?” Roselyn was taken aback by the news, just a few weeks prior they had no leads to speak of. “That’s good news right?” When Cleatus didn’t say anything she frowned. “What?”

“It’s a suspect.” He glanced up from his plate for a moment seeing the light of hope in her eyes. “It’s not him.”

The absolution in Cleatus’s voice made Roselyn believe him and she left it at that. “I didn’t get my flowers the other day.” She sounded almost disappointed. But cheered up the instant she heard Cleatus chuckle and comment about firing the florist. His laugh made her smile the remainder of the night, while she caught him staring at her numerous times she’d ignored it. Drinking her fair share of wine, they’d opened a second bottle before they’d gotten to desert.

On the frozen street corner, Cleatus attempted to hail her a taxi to take her home. Roselyn on the other hand stood quietly watching him. Cleatus was a gentlemen that night, she wasn’t sure if it was because she’d been tipsy or if he was just in a better mood because of the holiday. Getting her back to her small apartment he commanded the taxi to wait while he walked her to the door.

“Just want to be sure you get inside Rose.”

“Thank you for tonight Cleatus.” She leaned up and pecked him on the cheek, giggled then dashed inside, the door closing firmly behind her. Cleatus on the other hand stood on the pavement stunned his ears a brilliant shade of red.
+ + + + + +

December 27, 1937

Noah stood leaning against the wall his arms crossed in irritation while Cleatus questioned the man in front of them. Normally the department wouldn’t have let a consultant question a serial killer suspect but Ice seemed to be very sure of himself that this was their guy.

Theodorus Paon was a French businessman with diplomatic ties to the governments here in America and in England. He spoke with a heavy accent and Noah had the hardest time understanding him, apparently so did Ice cause he’d asked Cleatus to speak with him and ask the questions. Noah cocked his head to the side, they were carrying on a conversation in French; which he had no clue that Cleatus knew how to speak; and seemed to be in well spirits.

Theo, as he had insisted on being called, was wearing the expensive suit of expensive suits. His blue hair was long and tied back at the nape of his neck. “Must be a French thing.” Noah thought idly. “Either way he looks like an owned man.” Theo’s dark green eyes looked almost black when he glanced over at the detective and gave a leering grin. God damn Noah wanted to book the guy right then and there for the murders of those girls, that or knock his pearly whites out. But watching his counterpart he knew that this was not the man they were looking for.

“Thank you for your time Monsieur Paon.” Cleatus said standing and shaking his hand.

“Any time inspector.” His accent was heavy and he stood along with Cleatus. “Please feel free to let me know if there is anything I can do to assist further.”

“We will be in touch. If you will excuse me an officer will be in to escort you out.” Once outside of the small single observation window room Cleatus sighed. “He’s not our guy.”

“Are you sure?” Ice said with a slight growl to his voice watching Cleatus walk past him, with a snarl he returned to the interrogation room to off his ‘sincere’ apologies to another possible suspect.

Saying nothing in response Cleatus just walked away back to the desk and threw the folder into the trash bin. Noah glanced at the Capitan and followed standing next to a deflated and exhausted looking Cleatus.

“What’s eating you?”

Lazily Cleatus glanced over at his partner. “Haven’t been sleeping well.” He began shuffling the papers on his desk absently. The lights were on but nobody was home that was for sure.

Staring at him for a few moments Noah couldn’t help but see the damper the man was in. A thought graced his mind and he couldn’t stop the laughter that began to bubble up as he rocked back in the chair as always. “Oh I see. That dame has you wrapped around her finger!”

The tips of Cleatus’s ears turned scarlet, he put on an angry scowl but knew better. Balling up a sheet of paper and promptly hitting the giddy detective square in the face with it. The action startled him and the chair tipped too far backward. Noah fell onto his back nearly knocking the wind out of him, but it was worth it to see the humored look on Cleatus’s face.
+ + + + + +

January 1, 1938

It was New Years day. The streets of the city had been crowded with people jostling together in drunken debauchery last night but were not deserted. The pavement littered with the paper from the previous nights celebration. Cleatus wandered around the city streets looking for a single open shop, his luck to run out of milk on New Year’s day. But the only thing that occupied his mind now was Roselyn. The Shark had her otherwise occupied last night with a gala at his townhouse, Rose his honored guest. She’d told him that it was typical for Titus to take her to events like this one but for some reason Cleatus thought he might have caught on with the flowers.

Checking the door of another grocers he’d thought about giving up completely. Was just milk after all. Or was it just cause he was alone in that penthouse apartment he’d rented. It was no mystery that Cleatus had wealth. Enough of it to fund his jumping from one city to another, he was set for life. Maybe one day this spring he could take Roselyn with him to Paris? Cleatus blinked. “Where the hell did that come from?” But a smile graced his lips when he started thinking about his Rose.

The thought struck him in an instant. His Rose. Stopping in the middle of the street Cleatus began to think harder. Lately every thought started and ended with the chocolate eyed woman. Then awareness knocked him across the face. “I’m . . .” He paused in thought. “Son of a Ice.” Abandoning his thoughts about milk he turned on heel and nearly sprinted back to his apartment. Climbing the steps two at a time in an almost panic, slamming the door shut behind him he slumped against it. “Son of a Ice!” He shouted to no one in particular, pulling his fedora from his head and throwing it against the wall in anger.

“I’m in love with her.”

+ + + + + +

January 4, 1938

“Does he know?”

“No. He’s completely clueless. They all are.”

“I hear you were interrogated.”

“You’re not allowed out of my sight.”

“I understand.”


+ + + + + +

“I’m glad that we could do business Titus.” The French accent filtered through the door of Titus’s office.

“As am I.” The door opened and Daku was standing at attention outside, looking at the two men suspiciously. “The European market is vital to my enterprises and I would like to open a few ports to my fishing trade if possible.”

“I shall look into it for you.” The blue haired man said, he reached out his hand towards Titus who seemed a bit nervous at taking it all together but smiled as friendly as he’d seen him smile at any other business partner. The other man in the room remained stoic, his eyes black his hair a dark brown wearing the same type of suit his counterpart was, expensive. He’d seen this man somewhere but Daku couldn’t place him.

His mouth was set in a firm line when he saw Waka, who was inside with Titus while the meeting took place, saw his friend outside the office door and quirked a half smile that was all Waka. Titus was all smiles until the two other men were outside the door escorted there by Waka who turned and gave Daks a firm ‘welcome back’ hand signal. “I see you got my letter.” Daku half whispered to Titus, looking his boss in the eye after his weeks of absence.

Titus’s face became serious. “I see that you’ve crawled out of that hole you dug yourself into.” He paused watching Daku’s face for any sign that he was wavering, and smiled from ear to ear when he saw he didn’t. “Have you found what you are looking for?”

He turned looking towards the exit door his mouth quirked up in a corner. “Yes and it seems you’ve met two of the three already.”

Titus cocked his head to the side. “Who else is there?”

“His name is Cleatus.”


I can taste it you guys. Can you taste it? It tastes like... justice. :D
By the way it's official. I'll be leaving America for England on the 13th of September. This 'should' wrap up by then, but in the event that my updating you guys on the story is slow you know why. Packing is a pain.

Also! If you're reading this story just tell me something you find intriguing about it. I'm a feed back Noah... really.
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Re: The Juliette Killer [Part Six]

Post by Sihaya » Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:44 am

Oh, Sage, off to England so soon already :D Amazing, congratulations! <3

I think the whole thing is intruiging... A whodonnit always puts me on edge xD It's like reading Poirot! Can't wait to find out what the deal is!

I love this chapter, especially how Cleatus is so flustered all the time and how he hadn't caught on yet that he's been head over heels for her for a while now xD

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Re: The Juliette Killer [Part Six]

Post by virgie » Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:27 am

I like this part better than part 5 =)
Cleatus x Rose was so sweet ^_^
And Noah was funny too =)

The new year, may be 1938?

Daku's report made me goes... o_O wooow!
I like this part ^_^ <3

Btw, congrats on moving =)
I hope everything goes well ^_^
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Re: The Juliette Killer [Part Six]

Post by sagechan » Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:46 am

Ha ha ha late nights are catching up with me. Thanks for pointing out my error Virgie. <3

I'm glad you guys are liking it. Wasn't sure that this time jumping would work out well, its rather like being on fast forward but I knew when I first plotted it that this would have to happen at some point in time.
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Re: The Juliette Killer [Part Six]

Post by t3hfluff » Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:22 pm

EEEE i wanna know what happens next T___T

Is the dark haired dark eyed man Nelson? and he's with Theo? Why is Cleatus a suspect? So confused!
Why, yes, I DID cosplay as both Rocko and Cleatus!
I honestly wanted a shot of the two together... sadly didn't happen this time. perhaps at a different time! ;D

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