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Pretty in white - Secret Santa for Ibe

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Pretty in white - Secret Santa for Ibe

Post by Sihaya » Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:10 am

Dearest Ibelen,

I'm sorry that it took me so very long to get this to you, and I wish it had been a more impressive gift to make up for it. I can only hope you'll forgive me (I'm sure as hell not forgiving the internet company people xD) and that you will like this gift regardless <3

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a very happy New Year in which at least one dream will come true!



“I can’t believe that in two weeks we’re leaving this place,” Kouros said.

They sat on the roof of the dormitory building, each bundled up in a warm coat and wrapped in one end of the same enormous scarf. Venus and Cherokee had made it years ago. Rufus wore Venus’ sky blue moss stitch side, and Kouros wore Cherokee’s grey cable knit with teddy bear fabric trimmings.

“It’s our turn to go out into the world and make a difference,” Rufus replied.

“Easy for you to say, mister Gladiator,” Kouros teased, “How many Kingdoms wanted to hire you again?”

“Shut up,” Rufus said, nudging him just a little too hard and ducking his head in fond embarrassment. “I’m glad we’re going to the same one,” he then said.

“Me, too,” Kouros replied. “It’s terrifying enough to move to a different country and be even farther away from all of our friends, let alone having to do it by myself. I’ll have you to protect me.”

Rufus scoffed. “You don’t need me for that; you’ll outwit any Gladiator and half the Princes even we’ll ever meet. As soon as they all realise just what you can do, Kingdoms will be falling all over themselves to hire you and then I’ll be glad if you’ll even want to include me into your negotiations.”

“Wherever you go, I go; and wherever I go, you go. That’s what we agreed on, right? Can’t make it without my baby brother,” Kouros said.

They were silent for a while and watched the snow start to fall.

“I’m glad we still get to have Christmas here,” Rufus said.

“Me, too. I hope everyone gets here soon.”

“Me, too,” Rufus said, “I’m getting hungry already.”

“You’re never not hungry,” Kouros laughed, “did you tell our future Prince’s Servant that?”

“No way,” Rufus grinned, “they never would have hired us!”

Again they were quiet for a while.

“Do you wish we could have stayed here?” Rufus ventured.

“No,” Kouros said after a moment. “It’s not been the same since… Well, without Titus and Valerie, and Teddy, and all of our friends really, it’s not been the same. Rocko is a great guy, but…”

“…I wouldn’t want to work for him, either,” Rufus grinned. “He’s even more stingy than Titus ever was!”

They had a laugh and tried not to get dragged down by memories that were still a little painful. But Venus was on her way, with Cherokee and Ice and Ceasar and Teddy, and maybe even Fleance would be coming, and Edgar and Noah.

“I can’t believe it’s been long enough for us to be adults now,” Kouros said.

“Speak for yourself,” Rufus laughed. Kouros elbowed him.

“Will you tell him this time?” Rufus asked.

“Will you?” Kouros replied, eyebrow drawn. Rufus pursed his lips in reply and Kouros smirked. It was the same every time.

“Do you think he’ll ask her this year?” Rufus asked.

“Nah,” Kouros grinned. “She’ll have to bully him into it and that’s just not happening.”

“She’d look pretty in white,” Rufus said.

“White would only remind her of the fairy tale dress she won’t get to wear,” Kouros replied.

“Why are so many things about our lives so depressing?” Rufus whined.

“Christmas is just a very nostalgic time of the year,” Kouros said sagely.

“Will you ever tell him?” Rufus said.

“Probably not,” Kouros said. “But that’s fine. You?”

“One day,” Rufus said. “Probably not until it’s too late, knowing me. But that’s fine, too.”

They grinned widely. Kouros let himself fall backwards onto the roof, lay staring at the slate coloured sky and the twirling snow flakes. Rufus adjusted his side of the scarf to accommodate.

“We’re getting too big to do this,” he said.

“Venus will knit us a bigger scarf,” Kouros said.

“It’s just going to be you and me in the end, right?” Rufus said, uncharacteristically grave.

“It was going to be that way from the beginning, I think,” Kouros sighed. “But the worst is behind us now. The future owes us brighter things.”

“I hope so,” Rufus said.

“We need to go and sit by the tree,” Kouros grinned. “Soak up the fairy lights and get out of this funk.”

“We could get into the eggnog, make some headway before the others arrive,” Rufus smirked.

“Excellent plan,” Kouros said, sitting up. “Do you think we can manage to get away with a quick peak into the presents, later?”

“I’m sure we’ll manage somehow,” Rufus laughed.

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Re: Pretty in white - Secret Santa for Ibe

Post by Ibelen » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:38 pm


I love it! <3
It's sad and nostalgic but cozy and scarves and, well...everything! <3

greatest gift ever, thank you so much Si <3

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Re: Pretty in white - Secret Santa for Ibe

Post by t3hfluff » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:41 am

Oh my it's sooo cuuute! and HOPEFUL! awww! I want to hug them both! x3 Can i have that scarf?
Why, yes, I DID cosplay as both Rocko and Cleatus!
I honestly wanted a shot of the two together... sadly didn't happen this time. perhaps at a different time! ;D

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Re: Pretty in white - Secret Santa for Ibe

Post by Sihaya » Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:49 am

I'm very happy you like it, Ibe <3 oO <3 Sorry again that it was so late.

Thank you both for the lovely comments!

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