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History - Short story

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:18 am
by t3hfluff
300 years ago


“Get down!” A cannonball fired right past him as he rushed away from the advancing army.



It smashed the nearest house to bits. Ricochet hit his cheek and shoulder as he rushed on.


Another blast of cannon fire. This time it hit the wall in front of him. He jumped over
the tumbling bricks.

“Il est en fuite! Les attraper! Do not let them escape!” A firestorm of cannon fire and gun shots pelleted the remaining villagers.

I must get there quickly! He huffed as he ran into the forest. But he was far from safe there.
A huge gust of wind blew up the leaves and dry brush into his eyes. He was blinded.

“KILL HIM!” a voice boomed in the haze.

I must find you….. my love. He reached out then turned into his animal form and attacked with all his might.


Fire raged throughout the city, every building crackling and crumbling in the flames. Screams and riots were heard all around. It was only a matter of time before the Grande Armee arrived to loot the remaining supplies from the city.

Digging through the rubble of his old home, he came across the body of a grey wolf. He bend down to his knees shaking. Tears soaked his soot stained face and sobs escaped his throat between coughs. Beside the corpse were 5 little pups lying still under the rubble.

“H-how could h-he” He shook the corpse to try and stir any life from it. “m-my, d-d-dearest! I-I have failed you.” He stretched out across his family of corpses and wept.

BOOM! Cannon fire was heard in the distance and more screams, wails and rumbling of tumbling stone and wood could be heard.
The ground shook and more rubble from his house fell. A yelp and a whimper from the remains of a staircase could be heard.

“What?” He looked up and saw a pale pup shivering under the lowest step.
His bloodshot eyes widened and hope returned to him. He slowly crawled to the broken staircase, slow and smooth to not frighten him.

“Come, here.” He whispered. “It’s okay my son.”


“I cannot keep him here any longer!” Said the Prince. “I sheltered you long enough, but Dromeous has spies everywhere and his vultures are starting to circle our kingdom!”

“But, he’s still in training, my Prince!” The trainer stood up. “He is already a strong and powerful gladiator for his age!”

“He must leave! Sent him to one of the serpent empires! They will be able to keep him better.”

“If The Black Prince knew we supplied a valuable fighter, we’ll be eliminated as well!” retorted another Gladiator.

“We’ll be dead with him here!” Growled the Prince. Everyone fell silent.

“Very well, I will take my son and head north. If lucky, I may catch a trade ship to Africa.”

“Keep an eye on your tail. Good luck.” Said the Prince.


The winds were howling and feathers like daggers shot through the dark jungle.

“Run!” A hiss was heard through the trees behind. “You must go on without me. I will stall them!” He turned back and disappeared.



A year later

“I do not take passengers. Only slaves. Can this one work?” He poked the young blonde.

“He is stronger than he looks and very loyal.” The old man looked nervously at the merchant.

“He’s so fair skinned and young, the men may take a fancy to him.”

“Let them try!” He hissed.

“Hush, boy!”

The merchant tissked. “He’s got quite a tongue doesn’t he?”

“Forgive him, sir.” The old man bowed. “He’s best at lifting and does well with his hands.”

“Very well, I’ll give you 6 silver for the boy and those goats.” The merchant sucked his lip and dropped a small coin purse into the bowing man’s hands. “Come Boy, I need you to load the ship.”

The young blonde trudged along, hauling the leads of the goats behind him as he walked up the plank into the cargo hold. After they loaded up, the sails were set loose and the ship left with the tide. Evening was falling quickly.

“Boy! Can you read the stars?” Said the captain.

“No, sir.” He looked up at the man with hesitation.

“Ah, you cannot be a seafarer without knowing them!” He unrolled a cloth map. “Let me show you.”


After several months at sea, and several days locked deep in the lower decks, the ship arrived just south of Bissau. Time with the merchants had given the young ace many skills he did not expect from working with humans. However, he desperately wanted to escape. Being a seafarer was not the life he wanted.

Just a little while longer he thought to himself as he unloaded the deck.

He had prepared meals for the crew for most of the journey and tonight he finally figured out one of his abilities.

After dinner, the crew went to bed. That was his chance, to take whatever he needed and leave. They never woke in the morning.

He traveled across several kingdoms, developing his sweet talk. Within months he reached the borders of the Sahara. Oh joy.

He followed a caravan to find the Bedouin. At last he met the Prince his father desperately wanted to get to.

“And who might you be, young gladiator?” Ameer asked in a cool and serious voice.

“Cleatus, Ace of Yellow Anaconda. I came from Paraguay to find refuge. “ The young ace knelt and bowed low before the Prince. “I will serve you until I die.”

“All serpents are welcome here, especially talented gladiators such as yourself." He placed his hand on the youth's shoulder. "Come, you must be exhausted from your journey. You are now part of our family.”

He smiled. At last, a home.


So it's a brief history of Cleatus :snark: I'm quite pleased with it. I probably could have done more but It's late and I should be asleep LOL.

I have another short piece I thought up for Rocko :) that will be VERY fun. Wolfies! I <3 them.