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Coffee Klatch a SA gift for Sihaya
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Author:  sagechan [ Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Coffee Klatch a SA gift for Sihaya

Coffee Kaltch

“Well it’s not as if I didn’t want to go out with him,” she said pausing patiently listening through the blue tooth in her ear. “He just wasn’t my type Valarie.”

With a smile she took the steaming cup of gingerbread flavored coffee from the barista. It was her go to drink at this time of year, just before Christmas and all of the chaos that was involved in it. Normally she wouldn’t be this frazzled, but things were different this time; it’d be her first Christmas without a boyfriend in nearly seven years and her best friend Valarie thought it best to set her up with last minute men in an effort to cheer her up. She would normally thank her best friend since high school for her effort, if the men weren’t such Rufuses.

Weaving her way through tourists and business people she made it over to the cream and sugar counter in search of a lid “No. No. No, you’re not listening to me I’m— ” She paused listening to her friend yammer on about the man she’d had a last minute date with the previous night. How he had a secure job, was a good man, decent looking, etcetera, etcetera.

“Yes Val, he told me all of that last night.”

Indeed Patrick, date train wreck number five, had been very adamant about his job and how well off he was. The bank manager had also been very honest about how his family was pressuring him to find a girlfriend and get ready to settle down. That had been little more than horrifying information. In fact she hadn’t shared a single thing about herself all evening long. Their whole meal was spent by her listening to him complain about everything, the quality of the meal, the wine, the silver wear choice. Since all of this began she’d been on horrible dates, but this one was taking the cake.

“No Valarie, what I’m saying is that he was arrogant and selfish.” Sometimes she absolutely hated technology, catching the stares from some of the people around her as she searched for a lid and cardboard cup cozy. “He never asked me a single thing about myself! I think that would count as a man being selfish.”

She was exhausted, having staid up too late the previous night contemplating a life of either okCupid dates or joining a nunnery and honestly couldn’t handle listening to her bestie yammer on anymore. “You should have heard how many times he mentioned his income. I felt more like his accountant than his date! Then it was how horrible the food was or how cheap the wine tasted.” Not finding a lid to match her cup she picked up her coffee and turned away from the counter. “If every date I go on is going to be this way, perhaps I should swear off men all together.”

The moment she turned around she slammed into another body. Her cup of coffee spilling down her skirt with a gasp and startled yelp. “I’ll have to call you back,” she said hurriedly, ending the call.

“I’m so very sorry,” she stammered, turning around and grasping a fistful of napkins to dab at the complete stranger she smashed into.

Her latte had spilled down her skirt and all over the front of her blazer, but the man standing in front of her had obviously gotten the worst of it. His expensive looking tweed suit was now ruined, a dark stain spreading from his chest to the bottom of his pants. Her hands dabbed at it hastily, frowning when his hands grasped hers forcing her to stop the lame attempt at cleaning him. Green eyes glanced up at him wide an apologetic, his mouth was pulled down into a frown, angular jaw set and a pair of gun metal gray eyes held a glare as well as mild amusement.

“Let-let me…uh…the dry cleaning…I’ll pay…”

“It’s fine,” his deep voice soothed as he brushed a patch of white cream from the edge of his jacket. “You don’t have to worry about the dry cleaning.” He looked her up and down his eyes lingering at the darkened stain spread over the breast of her white blouse, then to her face. He gave what she assumed was his most friendly smile, though it looked more like a shark grin than an actual smile. “I do hope you will join me for a new cup of coffee though.”

“I, uh,” she stammered for a moment until her phone began to ring once again. Fishing it from her pocket and glancing down at the number, she saw it was Valarie calling once again. She silenced it and shoved it back into her pocket. “I’d love too.”

He guided her to the counter and placed a new order for the two of them, paid and carried the lidded cups to one of the tables.

“I’m Cleatus by the way,” he said pulling the chair opposite him out.

“Rose,” she said with a smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Rose, who doesn’t like selfish men that talk all about themselves and is considering swearing off men all together?” He asked in a teasing tone.

She snorted. “If you met the man I had dinner with last night you’d understand.” She drank a mouthful of the warm coffee realizing that it was the gingerbread latte she’d previously purchased. “Though I haven’t completely sworn off all men, yet.”

“What a relief,” he grinned back. “So, tell me about yourself Rose.”

“Is this a date?”

“Do you want it to be?”

She couldn’t help but stare at him. Either he was crazy or the most suave human being she’d ever met. “Why the hell not,” she said with a shrug. “I mean I’ve already dumped coffee all over you. How much worse could it get?”

He laughed at her honesty, “How much worse indeed.”

Their conversation evolved through a few stages as they both nursed their cups of coffee. Rose had shut off the ringer on her phone after the second time it buzzed in her pocket and Cleatus had done the same. They’d talked about a few different things, where they worked, what their interests were and how they both shared a love for French noir movies and eating whipped cream straight from a can.

Glancing down Cleatus looked at his watch, “I hate to say it but I’m late for work.” He said in a breathy laugh. “I really have to get going.”

“Oh lord!” she cried, struggling with her phone and noting the time. “I’m more than an hour late myself!”

“It was worth it though?”

“It was.”

“No swearing off men then?”

Rose laughed, “No.” She smiled at him standing and swinging her purse over her shoulder she fished a business card out of her pocket and scribbled her personal number on the back. “Give me a call if you want to catch a movie sometime or maybe you’d like me to dump another cup of coffee on you. I don’t know.”

“Ha! I’d like that. The movie, not the coffee dumping thing.”

“Great,” she said pushing in her chair and walking with him towards the door. “I’ll be seeing you then?”

“You bet.” He said waving down a taxi and pulling out his phone to call his assistant and warn her he was now on his way. “I’ll call you later,” he said smiling and waving back at her as he disappeared into the back seat of a yellow cab.

Rose waved back from the sidewalk, a brisk wind reminding her of the coffee spilled down her front. Hurriedly she closed her jacket and turned to walk the block to her office. As she went she smiled and pulled out her phone. No way Valarie was going to believe this.

Author:  Sihaya [ Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Coffee Klatch a SA gift for Sihaya

I have a huge grin on my face from reading this, Sagie, it's so cute and wonderful and I love meet cute's '///' *^o^*

Although reading it I'd swear I've read it before. Some phrases seem so familiar, but I can't find an actual post anywhere in the fanfic board or the activities threads. Could it have gotten deleted? You also thought you'd posted it already, right?

Author:  sagechan [ Thu Sep 24, 2015 3:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Coffee Klatch a SA gift for Sihaya

I thought I had posted it but apparently I didnt.

I'm so happy you enjoyed reading it. :)

Author:  Ibelen [ Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Coffee Klatch a SA gift for Sihaya

I too feel as though I've read this before, maybe the forum code had one of its hiccups again. :/

Either way, it was a lovely read. ♡

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