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AMAs 2013 cancelled
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Author:  admin [ Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:35 am ]
Post subject:  AMAs 2013 cancelled

Hello members,

We're sad to announce that due to a lack of interest, the 2013 Active Member Awards have been cancelled. The nominations thread for the Members' Choice Award didn't get any posts at the end of last year and after some consideration, the mods decided to skip the event entirely. We hope that there'll be more member interest in 2014.

This cancellation won't affect the Pandevoted group, where everyone who has posted at least 50 times in the last year will get to keep their Titus star for another year.

As for the Panboard Addicts, the mods have decided to disband the group for the time being. There is a possibility the group will be re-formed after the next AMAs, should there be a need for it.

Please leave your comments and feedback in this thread. We're especially interested to hear if there's anything we can do to make the AMAs more appealing to the members in the future.

- The Mod Squad

Author:  sagechan [ Wed Jan 15, 2014 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AMAs 2013 cancelled

More than JUST members could vote and nominate, including the Mods. I don't want to feel obligated to nominate people or it will be taken away. That's more of a rock and a hard place. I think there needs to be open polls for the AMA's and to make it easier for voting.

The catagory's would remain the same.
    The Pandect - Panthusiast
    Pandect Creative - Pantasticly Prolific / Creative Commentator (depending on whether the award is given for creative achievements or active posting on art/fic/other threads.
    Activities and Information - Activity Addict
    General Forum - Chatter Champion

But all ACTIVE members would be on the list for nominations. At least in the first round. Then from the first round the top 3/4 would make it to round two and final voting. It wouldn't be difficult to find out who has been active in the past year. OR alternatively we can continue waiting for nominations from people.

I dont know I could be blowing smoke here. I just dont want to have another Pandect feature kick the bucket.

Author:  maiju [ Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AMAs 2013 cancelled

I'm really not if sure I understand, Sagie. I may need you to be a little more specific. ^^;;; But anyway...

At the moment everyone (that's including the mods) can nominate/vote for Member's Choice. Also, you can nominate anyone for the award, including mods. I don't know what you mean by "more than JUST members" though... Unfortunately I'm pretty sure it's built into the forum system that only members can post and vote. (If someone else from the Mod Squad knows better, please correct me about that. ^^)

The AMAs are to celebrate active members. The fact that the event requires members to be active enough to nominate their fellow Pangoers in order to make the event happen isn't really asking a lot within this context, now is it? The nomination part of the event exists so that all the active members can feel recognized by the community as a whole even though they may not win as it really isn't so much about winning, but being active and being acknowledged for that.

But all ACTIVE members would be on the list for nominations. At least in the first round.
All the active members were available for nominations, like they have been each year, and no one was interested in it. :(

Or do you mean that there should just be a longass poll with every member's name on it, with no nominations at all? That would pretty much mean that mods have to create some sort of a set of rules on who qualifies as an active member and I'm afraid that's impossible to do without hurting someone's feelings by valueing creative stuff over post count or vice versa (and lots of other stuff like that). Also, and more importantly, it would completely eliminate the element of the members acknowledging their fellow Pangoers and the things they do within the fancommunity. And last but not least, like I said earlier in this post, expecting members to show some kind of activity regarding an event that's about member activity isn't too much to ask imo. Any lurker can click to vote, so it doesn't really make it very special, right?

In case it hasn't already become clear in the past, the Members' Choice Award is the big deal about the AMAs. The whole community showing appreciation to their moodmakers and event planners and Pandect connaisseurs and creative darlings and then voting one as the winner is what the event is about. The Members' Choice Winner is the WINNER of the event. That's why the Members' Choice Winner is also called the Overall Winner and receives an actual, real life prize from the mods ...but I admit I may have played down these two facts while listing the winners in the past couple of years due to not wanting to make a huge deal about my own win. -_____- (And for the record, I've never gotten myself that prize, either. XDD)

The Mods' Choice awards are the "fluffier" prizes, though that doesn't mean they're given out without merit. Us mods do notice who's being active on our respective boards and we want the members to know that we appreciate it when we see our boards thrive. (And FYI, the mods did have a small number of names up for voting before we noticed how bad things were going with Members' Choice, so at least that part of the event still sorta works. ^^)

Like I said, it may well be that I didn't get what you were trying to say in your post, Sagie. But it seems to me you're suggesting more passive methods for an event that is about being active and the element of giving praise to fellow members would be lost if we took steps in that direction.

Author:  maiju [ Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AMAs 2013 cancelled

Hey guise, please post your thoughts on this matter if you have any. The mods were hoping to have an actual discussion on this event, or even board events in general, to see how we could make them more appealing. If your opinion is that there's nothing we can do to make them appeal to you then I for one would love to see that posted, too, instead of having to interpret it from the lack of discussion. ^^

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