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 Post subject: The Pan Note: #121
PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:45 am 
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THE PAN NOTE EDITORS proudly present:



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It's November, so happy belated Panniversary, y'all!

Welcome to issue #121 of The Pan Note! It's been five days already since this year's Panniversary, but we would still like to express our belated congrats. The comic has been online for over ten years now and next year it will be ten years since the first Panboard was created. We've come such a long way. Since we're on the topic of special days, we would also like to send out our early congrats to Cleatus, who has his birthday on December 7th. Hopefully you'll get another slow dicking from Rocko for your big day, wolf man!

In this issue, we've got quite a bit of announcements about seasonal events, so please check out Headlines for everything that is going on in the forum right now. In addition, we're hosting our annual Holiday Message Board, so please send in those season's greetings for our next issue. We've got a little less seasonal topic covered in this month's Chareply, which is, however, a must-read for anyone who's feeling a little hungry.

As always, we hope you'll enjoy this issue. We'll be back next month!

Send a pm to The Editors usergroup if you wish to send any reader mail!

The next issue will come out December 18th, 2014.




ComicGen - Chapter 20 Page 19: Leave the serpents - Chapter 3 Page 23: We're Cats

Is Rocko's loving stare killing you, too? Will Caligari or Timmy walk in on Cleatus and Rocko doing the do? Will Fleance accept Rufus and Kouros to protect him? And what really is this deal with the Vampire? Share your thoughts on all the newest happenings on the Recent Pages board!

Also, Pandect Book 2 will be out in the summer of 2015, so look forward to next year!

Trick or Treat '14

Good ol' ToT has ended, thanks to everyone who was involved. All the participants did a great job with the treats, which can be viewed in here.

Holiday Card Exchange 2014

'Tis the season to send holiday greetings to your fellow pangoers! Sign up for Holiday Card Exchange 2014 and share the holiday cheer with other members of the forum. Don't forget that the list of names and addresses will be sent out to all participants tomorrow, November 21st! You can still sign up after that date, too, so there's no need to panic even if you're noticing this a little late.

Secret Santa '14

The original gift exchange event is back! You can sign up for this year's SS in this thread by November 27th.

The Pan Note's Holiday Message Board

The Holiday Message Board is an annual TPN event that allows you to publicly send (a) message(s) to your fellow Panmembers. Thank them for making the board a fun place or may be a warm place for you by sending them some holiday greetings, make it known to everyone that you remember them, that you appreciate them, and that you love them. Or make it fun, send your greetings to your favorite characters or maybe even to Dina.


Write a greeting or a message for a fellow Panboard member(s) and PM it to maiju in the following format:

To: [name(s) of recipient(s) here]
Message: [your holiday greeting here]
From: [your username or secretive alias here]


  • MAXIMUM of 50 words. Name of sender and receiver(s) do not count toward the maximum.
  • ONE person can only send THREE messages max.
  • The message can be directed to more than one person and also to Pandect characters.
  • You can be an anonymous greeter - just type 'anonymous' into the sender area or make up a secretive alias.
  • Emoticons will be disabled, make note of that.
  • Disrespectful/NSFW messages will not be posted, but censored messages are okay.

DEADLINE is December 14th.
We won’t be accepting any messages after that. =)
So, be sure to pm your message as soon as possible.

Any questions? Pm maiju or reply in this thread. Thank you, we are waiting for your messages and <3 SPREAD THE HOLIDAY CHEER <3



No Noted threads this month but in other news... Cyan stopped by the forum, Mume is getting a sewing machine, VV dressed as Princess Bubblegum for Halloween (and looked amazing!) and Sagie is currently working hard on NaNoWriMo.



Welcome to The Characters Reply! This month Sober continues from where he left off in the summer and gives our readers more tips on how to get free food. Students, if you find yourselves low on the food budget, take advice from Sober... just please don't get arrested while taking said advice.

If you have any questions or comments for our wonderful Charepliers, please post them in the
Chareply thread.

And here is the latest from Sober!


Hi everyone,

Super Smart Sobre is back. How was your Halloween? I bet it was fabulous, thanks to my advice. Back to the food topic, some months ago... I think it was in July, I told you the best ways to get free food. Now, I will give you a plan B to get free food.

1. Be friends with Ice

You know the white haired boy with black bangs, yup - the one who smells like a dog. He is rich, but only at beginning of the month, when he gets his pocket money. You know what to do, right?

2. Sneak into the canteen

Self explanatory, but this can be hard sometimes. You are lucky if you are the Ace of some small animal, because it is easier to sneak around in your animal form. Be careful though, because pets are not allowed in the dormitories.

3. Be friends with the canteen lady

If you are not good at sneaking around, then you have to do this. Seduce her I mean, if you praise her often, sometimes she is kind enough to double your meal portion or give you some leftover food. If you are a cat Ace, good news, the canteen lady is a cat lover and she will give you food for free almost every time she sees your animal form - but not to a koala, such discrimination!

4. Sneak into / Join the cooking club / Be friend with their members

Do I need to say more? Just a friendly reminder to be careful because some of their food is poisonous.

5. The H*ll M*n*t*r L**ng*

I should not say this because this is a secret, but it is the real food paradise at Poseidon. It is a legend, no one knows where it is, it is said to be the most dangerous place at Poseidon, some say the door is guarded by ghosts and only those who are chosen can enter. But once you find it, you will never go hungry again, so anyway you should go on a quest to search for it.

That's it, another 5 ways to get free food. Why were they not on the previous list? Because the food you get is more random and/or the chances you get it are slimmer. You see, at the zoo, they will give you: YOUR food. You pick your own tree and work place, so it depends on your intelligence. The Editors give you booze (so it must be delicious), and you get to pick which of your roommates' food that is good for you. But in plan B, it depends on other people, you may not know what you will get. Well, except for number 5, but you may not be lucky/brave enough to find it.


<3 Many many thanks to our Chareply writers! <3



Enjoy the wait for the holidays! Don't go too crazy with holiday shopping, though. XD

Printed Pandect fact: Book 2 is about Noah/Edgar so there's going to be naught stuff.


Find me and Miko in the The Kpop Thread.
Enjoy the fruits of my and Virgie's (and our Charepliers') work in the TPN forum.

AMAs 2011 and 2012 - People Pleaser. Thanks so much for this honor! <3

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 Post subject: Re: The Pan Note: #121
PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:52 pm 
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Haha! Sobre's list of how to get free food is great! I would totally go questing for the Hall Moniter's Lounge for free food and an exclusive place to nap. Sounds like the Prefect's bathroom at Hogwarts, almost.


All Hail Sigart, Mistress of Zombiedom!
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