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 Post subject: Artist's Contest - April 2009
PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:40 am 
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Here is the artist portion of the contest for April 2009!

Artists will select an image out of Sihaya's story and will illustrate it! The winner will get the opportunity to decide what the writers will write next! Don't forget to sign up in the rules sticky, artists, if you haven't already!

Poll starts April 24th!

Please read the rules of the PWTW Contest before entering! Your entry will be deleted if you post it and have not posted in the rules sticky!

Please use the template offered in the rules sticky to post your entries, and remember to clean them up quality-wise.

Discussion goes in the discussion thread. Stray chatter in the entry thread will get deleted for my sanity.

This month's Challenge:

Sihaya's Entry: Vodka

Ceasar liked to walk the empty corridors at night. In the dark he didn’t feel so out of place, and the silence made it easier to hear himself think.
Tonight he heard something else.

It was almost indiscernible, but it was definitely real. The scuttling of padded paws on a plastered wall.

After a careful search he discovered the source. Fleance’s gecko was on the prowl. Ceasar frowned and decided he should probably intercept the critter and save him from the big bad world.

The gecko seemed quite purposeful, somehow. Like it knew exactly where it was going. Ceasar followed it, curious, but careful not to scare it. Surprisingly swiftly the creature made its way to the janitors closet around the corner.

What Ceasar saw next would change his like forever.

The gecko dropped to the floor and turned into a boy. And not just any boy.

“Holy Edgar,” Ceasar breathed. “This makes a perverted sort of sense…”

PMS-boy tried the door handle and found the closet open. He closed and locked it, and then he reached for something in his chest pocket – at least that’s what Ceasar assumed; he couldn’t see exactly. The boy replaced the closet key with a slender silver one, and somehow unlocked the door again.

Light fell out into the hallway when he opened it. Ceasar’s eyes became twice as large and before he realised it he moved forward, slipping into the closet after Edgar right before the door fell shut.

It might have been the first time in the history of the Pandect that a human beheld the Kingdom Library. It struck Ceasar with awe and left him dumbfounded.

At least, for a few moments.

“Holy Edgar!” he shouted. His voice echoed through the enormous hall and cause Edgar to almost die of shock.

“You!” the Servant bellowed, and charged the intruder. With inhuman strength he lifted him up and slammed him into the wall.

“You followed me!” he gritted.

Ceasar sputtered something that might have been a ‘yes’, or possibly ‘get the Edgar off of me’.

“Are you trying to steal secrets to threaten my Prince with?” Edgar continued.

Ceasar coughed something that might have been a ‘yes’, or possibly ‘are you out of your mind?’

“I will not allow you to cause harm to my Prince any longer!” Edgar shouted.

Ceasar wheezed something that might have been a ‘you can’t stop me’, or possibly ‘I’m not crazy enough to try and steal your boyfriend, you PMSing Kouros’. Either way it pissed Edgar off. Mightily pissed him off.

“I will stop you,” he swore. “You should pay for being a threat to Prince Fleance!”

Ceasar felt sure he would die of pure shock when Edgar pressed his lips to his mouth and kissed him passionately.

Then he felt a little woozy, and then quite sick, and then Edgar tossed him on the floor a few feet over and everything went black.

Noah patrolled the corridors and counted the seconds until he could finally do something fun. Like steal his frog and…

A thud. Noah doubted he would have picked up on it if his hearing hadn’t been so good. He traced the sound on instinct and arrived at one of the janitors closets. He frowned.

The key was on top of the doorframe, where it never could have gotten on its own unless it had learned to sprout wings, and that didn’t seem very likely. Someone had removed it and put it there.

There was a crash inside, and the Gladiator was very sure it wasn’t some brooms and mops falling over. He opened the door but saw nothing.

It’s gotta be Edgar in there, Noah thought. He’s in the Library. But who’s in there with him? What if he’s under attack?
He closed the door again and waited.

Moments later the door swung open violently and Edgar stomped out.

“You’re lucky I don’t kick you while you’re down!” he bristled, then started when he noticed the diamondback.

He’s okay, Noah thought, quite relieved, and plastered a sly grin on his face.

“Hello, sweets,” he said, wrapping his arms around the gecko’s waist, “out for a midnight stroll?”

Then he noticed Ceasar, out cold on the Library floor, and his distinctly green complexion.

“Frog,” Noah said slowly, “did you kiss him?”

Edgar blushed, feeling slightly apprehensive.
“He had it coming!” he said.

“Who had what coming?” a voice behind them said cheerfully.

They turned to see Titus walking up to them.

“Good evening, Prince Titus,” Edgar droned, and bowed.

“What are you doing here?” Noah said unceremoniously.

“I hid some Russian vodka in this closet,” Titus said. “Valerie doesn’t like it when I…”

Then he saw Ceasar.

“Oh dear,” he said lightly.

“Frog here kissed him. You better take him to see that lovely Servant of yours or he probably won’t see the light of day again…” Noah mused. “I’m sure you’ll find a way to extract some form of payment.”

Titus grinned in a way that gave Edgar the shivers.

“I’m sure I will,” he said, stepped into the doorway, rooted around for a bottle of the vodka and then hoisted the unconscious boy onto his shoulder without visible effort.

“I’m sure we can all keep our mouths closed about this little… incident, can’t we?” he continued. “Surely the Black Prince need not hear of this, and neither does my Valerie need to know about this here bottle.”

“I won’t tell if you won’t,” Noah said.

“It’s a deal then. Good evening, gentlemen,” Titus smiled, and took his leave.

Noah shut the door and locked it. Then he returned the silver key to Edgar and replaced the ordinary one.

“There,” he said, “that’s my shift for today!”

He then lifted Edgar off the floor in a dramatic fashion and carried him off like a princess.

“Hey!” Edgar protested, “what are you doing?”

Noah nuzzled his neck.

“We’re going to have a little fun after work, my little Googly Eyes.”

And he brandished the swiped bottle of first class vodka.

 Post subject: Re: Artist's Contest - April 2009
PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:05 am 
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Joined: Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:02 pm
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Location: Belgium, Europe
Gender: Female
Since there are no entries yet, instead of a poll, the first valid entry in will win this month's contest.

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