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April Poll 2011

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Vote for your favorite Eyelash Viper ace!

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April Poll 2011

Post by volubleviking » Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:57 am

The Eyelash Viper!

Voting for the best Ace entry isn't just about the art! People should be paying attention to the Ace's design too, because you're not dealing with human character here. Remember that they are Aces, so they will always have something in common with their animal! Here below you can read what voters should pay attention to if they want to vote properly:

* Please view all the entries before you vote!
Loading the images might take a while if you're on a slow connection, but all contestants have worked hard on their entries, so it'd only be fair to have people take at least one look at them before they decide on their vote.

* Since most people will be looking at the art anyway, here are some tips to give more nuance to your voting decision rather than just “oooh, pretty!”
- Choose two or three entries you like the most and then start narrowing down your choice by doing the following:
- Pay attention to how much the Ace resembles the animal.
- Judge the appearance (outfit, marks, hair etc.) first. Which Ace resembles the animal in the best and most original way? TIP: Also read the artist's Design Concept.
- If you don't mind reading the profiles, try judging how much the Ace resembles the animal personality-wise too. Of course, pay attention to all the other things you find important in profiles too.

View the challenge thread or the MAC SHENANIGANS to see extra character pictures by some of our contestants~!

After voting, you can talk about the entries in the Poll Talk thread!

Cyangoose's entry:


Name: Delphine
Age: 107
Description: Delphine is a professional poker player. She is a very patient player and very good at setting people up. She also dabbles in pool, but most of the locals won't even play her anymore because they know that once she has control of the table, there's no stopping her. She's a bit of a night owl and tends to spend her time out at casinos or bars.

Design concept: Delphine has gorgeously long eyelashes, which are actually blond, she just wears mascara to make them stand out even more. Her hair is patterned after the snake's scales. She has vertically slit snake eyes. I liked how some of the snakes had reddish markings, so she has reddish eye markings and a red glove to represent those. She got the snakebites because she thought they were fitting. I was actually thinking of having her have an eyelash viper as an accessory, but I saw a scarf kind of like that and thought it was probably a more practical option. The scarf is knit. Her slinky outfit represents the slender body. Her lounging is to represent how the snakes coil on trees and such. Some of her personality traits are also based on the descriptions provided for the snake.

Merrybeary's entry:


Name: Harri
Age: 400
Rank: Poison Gladiator
Description: Harri is one of three gladiators to a young boa constrictor prince in Panama and is by far the oldest of the group. He didn't mean to get mixed up with them, but he was lured in by a whily snake of a woman and has some how ended up staying. He's not very talkative and prefers to be off on his own. But on days when he's in a particularly good mood, he enjoys 'playing' with the woman who got the better of him, trying to get her back for it. So far they're tied, but if you ask either one they'll say they are winning.

Design concept: So I watched that video on the snake catching that humming bird and I was like... It's a NINJA! So he ended up that way. He was a joy to draw, he just went down on paper so easily.

Seqi's entry:

Name: Alfonso
Age: 200
Description: Alfonso was originally chosen to be a gladiator. But despite the large amount of power he had, he lost intrest in fighting quickly. Instead he decided to become a regular ace to follow his passion, fashion. With his tall and lanky body structure he was perfect for modeling. He left his prince in Panama and went to Europe to pursue his love and quickly moved to the top of the fashion world. However he did not get their on looks alone. He might have not looked like much at first but, his competition quickly realized he would let no one stand in his way.
Design concept: The fashion idea came to me while watching Rupauls Drag Race, and from there I tried to base his looks around the modeling world. I tried to make him pretty and his personality feirce, just like the Eyelash viper he is pretty to look at but get in his way and he will take you out. To match the eyelash viper I gave him spikey hair, gave his eye brows three little flares with the red eye mark, his jacket gold spike accents, and yellow snake skin boots. the Pink shirt and red pants/ jacket was based on the flower colors and small red accent Eyelash vipers have behinde their eye. Also the little spikes in the middle were supposed to be accents connecting either side of his jacket together.
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