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Vote for you favorite red wolf!
Shad 75%  75%  [ 9 ]
Oliver 25%  25%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 12
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 Post subject: May Poll 2011
PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 11:29 pm 
Prince Ace
Prince Ace
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The Red Wolf (Canis Rufus)

Voting for the best Ace entry isn't just about the art! People should be paying attention to the Ace's design too, because you're not dealing with human character here. Remember that they are Aces, so they will always have something in common with their animal! Here below you can read what voters should pay attention to if they want to vote properly:

* Please view all the entries before you vote!
Loading the images might take a while if you're on a slow connection, but all contestants have worked hard on their entries, so it'd only be fair to have people take at least one look at them before they decide on their vote.

* Since most people will be looking at the art anyway, here are some tips to give more nuance to your voting decision rather than just “oooh, pretty!”
- Choose two or three entries you like the most and then start narrowing down your choice by doing the following:
- Pay attention to how much the Ace resembles the animal.
- Judge the appearance (outfit, marks, hair etc.) first. Which Ace resembles the animal in the best and most original way? TIP: Also read the artist's Design Concept.
- If you don't mind reading the profiles, try judging how much the Ace resembles the animal personality-wise too. Of course, pay attention to all the other things you find important in profiles too.

View the challenge thread or the MAC SHENANIGANS to see extra character pictures by some of our contestants~!

After voting, you can talk about the entries in the Poll Talk thread!

WM's entry:


Name: Shad
Age: 106
Description: A trouble maker to say the least; Shad is a rambunctious, snarky, hardheaded little pup. Shortest in his family, and a late bloomer, he would often be made the subject of ridicule. Instead of running tail between his legs, Shad grew a thick skin and a bad attitude, barking out insults became a fun pass time. Although usually in a foul mood, Shad enjoys spending time with a pack of friends and does not mind following others if they have a right to be respected. In class he loves to be the center of attention thou, he is the king of outbursts.

Design concept: I gave Shad a black ‘overcoat’ because he is still growing out of his puppy fur. He has tan/brown shorts because I wanted a dog like style- thicker thigh, thin shin, kind of feel. His hair is a chestnut color with red layers to match a maturing Red Wolf’s colors and his eyes are amber because that is a common color for the animal’s eyes. Like the animal he enjoys running in a pack, making lots of noise, and developed bad habits based on a poor social life in his early age.

Seqi's entry:


Name: Oliver
Age: 132
Rank: Gladiator
Description: Oliver is a roving one man wolf pack. He was once part of a large family pack, but when he reached adulthood, he was impossible for the alpha female to resist. Soon the lead male of the pack discovered the attraction and decided to put Oli in his place. Knowing of Olivers power as a fighter, the alpha male decided to wait untill night to make his move. While Oliver was asleep the lead male attacked, leaving a huge gash on Olivers chest. With a huge loss of blood and fear of bleeding to death, Oli ran into the night never to see his old pack again. Soon after he got away he passed out amoung the foliage where he was found by a Prince Wolf ace and his coyote servant. The servant fixed up Oli and when he awoke the Prince enlisted him as a gladiator. Ever since then Oli has served as a faithful warrior, but the scar on his chest is a painful reminder of the family and love he has lost.

Design concept: I tried to get the color as close as possible to the animal he was based off of, but I have a very limited amount to work with. He has brown hair because it is the base color of the wolfs fur. His eyes are supposed to be orange but my scanner killed the color, and his pants are supposed to be more of a khaki color but again my scanner murdered that too. I gave him a red jacket for his name and the fur around the neck is from the bits of black, white and grey found through out the pelt of his animal. I made him shirtless because lets face it, shirtless men with nice bodies are sexy and he is supposed to be a ladies man. Finally I gave him black nails to symbolize the black nails on wolves and most other dogs.

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