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The Active Member Awards Info Thread

Our newest annual activity! The AMAs is an event where we celebrate the active members on the forum and give special praise to the members who have contributed the most!
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The Active Member Awards Info Thread

Post by maiju » Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:49 am

The Active Member Awards, or the AMAs for short, is a new annual event on the Panboards that gives praise to the members who have been contributing to the community. At the end of the year five winners will be selected. Four of these winners will be selected by the Mod Squad and one, the overall winner of the event, will be selected by the registered members of the forum.

The members most likely to win are the ones who are (and have been) active and contribute on the boards in one way or another. Even if you're not active on every section of the board, it won't prevent you from winning: Each board section (The Pandect, Pandect Creative, Activities and Information and General Forum) has its own category in the AMAs. You can win by simply sticking to what you like the best.

Of course, just spamming around the forum won't count as being active. (Instead, it'll probably get you warned. ^^) The less serious the board section, the more the mods will be concentrating on quality as well as quantity. Have you posted a lot in a specific board section? Are your posts helpful/entertaining/interesting? Have you followed the board rules? Have you started anything new? If the answer to one or more of those is yes, you might just be a top candidate for one of the Mods' Choice awards!

For the Members' Choice, aside from activity, friendliness might prove to be an important factor. Have you been friendly to your fellow board members? Have you helped out other members? Do your posts cheer others up? If the answer to one or more of those is yes, you might just end up being a top nomination for the Members' Choice!

The Members' Choice 101

In voting for the Members' Choice, there are two rounds. In the first round, all registered members can nominate other members for the second round. In the second round, all registered members can vote for the previously nominated members. If there is a huge number of nominated members, the ones with a the highest amount of nominations will get a spot in the second round poll.

The member with the most votes at the end of the second round will be the Members' Choice. This person will gain the special AMA rank of People Pleaser. They'll also get a mini poster/button/bookmark (1 item) of their choice from Dina's eBay store! (Disclaimer: If the Panstore is down, the winner will receive an unspecified prize.)

The Mods' Choice awards 101

At the end of the year, the mods gather 'round to discuss their respective board areas and will take into consideration all members who have been considerably active. Out of the names brought up in the discussions, the mods will vote a winner for each of the four board sections. Each winner will receive a special rank. The ranks and their respective board sections are as follows:
  • The Pandect - Panthusiast
  • Pandect Creative - Pantasticly Prolific / Creative Commentator (depending on whether the award is given for creative achievements or active posting on art/fic/other threads.
  • Activities and Information - Activity Addict
  • General Forum - Chatter Champion

  • The special ranks the winners receive are yearly. The following year the special AMA ranks will be given to that year's winners.
  • The five AMA winners will each be given a chance to become a special helper on the boards. If they agree to the conditions of the MoFos, they'll be given a character star and in exchange they're expected to help out their fellow board members if they spot any issues they can provide answers for (or point them to the right direction if it's a mod matter). This doesn't mean they'll get mod or leader status, just a little extra bling in exchange for helping others out.
Nomination and voting
  • You can nominate as many members as you want in the Members' Choice award's first round. You can only vote for one member in the second round.
  • Moderators can vote and nominate for the Members' Choice award.
  • Moderators cannot be nominated in the Mods' Choice categories. They can, however, be nominated for the Members' Choice award.
  • If a large amount of members get nominated for the Members' Choice, those with the highest amounts of nominations will get a spot in the second round poll. Remember to nominate everyone who you think deserves the win!
  • Because the Mods' Choice Awards are decided in the privacy of the Bridge, lobbying in regards to them is absolutely forbidden. It'll grant you a minor warning and if continued, a proper forum warning. Similarly any mod making promises to vote for someone in a certain category will be subject to inquiry. You're welcome to create campaign banners and signatures for Members' Choice, though, if you so wish. ^^

If you have questions about the event, please post them in the Q&A Thread.

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