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Re: Members' Choice Award: FIRST ROUND

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:08 pm
by Aeglera
Yes, Si. Pangelic! Haha! You're so welcome! *hug*

(Oh! I'd like to make another suggestion for a made-up title. xD Sig should be like, the The One With Panswers. --Bwaha!)

Ywi! You're very, very welcome. It was the least I could do to thank you. c: I can't wait to hear about your experiences in Japan!

Gaah! Virgie, I'm so sorry! I guess it could be a compliment--you participate and work so hard, I thought you were a Mod! xD

Re: Members' Choice Award: FIRST ROUND

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:14 pm
by Mumette

Re: Members' Choice Award: FIRST ROUND

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:40 am
by orangpuddlogoo
I got nominated? :O I don't think I've ever been nominated before! *giddy*

Here are my nomination:

Virgie: Three words: The Pan Note. Need I say more?

Maiju: How many activities does she run? She is an awesome organizer!

Sigart: A very active member, not to mention she seems to know everything Pandect related.

Sihaya: Active in chatting, participating in activities, AND regularly contributes fanfiction.

Sagechan: Another member active in both chats and activities. Creative!

Mumette: Even as a fairly new member, she's posted up a storm. Not only is she active, she also participates in several board activities.

Re: Members' Choice Award: FIRST ROUND

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:29 am
by sagechan
Everyone that I'm nominating has already been creatively explained already and holy cow thanks for the nominations you guys.
My Nominees are:
Aeglera, awesomely active in many discussions always something new to bring to the table.
Maiju, obviously the activity champion of the decade!
Sigart, the Pandect know it all (lol) always able to answer a question you have, always vigilante.
Sihaya, excellent participator, chatty Cathy, and contributor to the well fair of the boards.
Mumette, very creative when it comes to new events on the boards and absolutely frisky in conversation (lol).
VolubleViking, brings an excitement to the boards that cant be found else where, always fun to talk to.

Re: Members' Choice Award: FIRST ROUND

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:28 pm
by Sihaya
Thanks, Sage <3

Re: Members' Choice Award: FIRST ROUND

Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:18 pm
by maiju
Wow, people think I'm worthy? Thanks so much. <3 *blushing*

Anyways, here are my nominations:


I know I'm biased in almost every possible way but I don't care - I love Virgie and I totally think she deserves to win. All of the Spam5 have become quite busy RL (sadly, some of us are inactive nowadays TT___TT) but Virgie still stops by often, leaves lovely posts on the boards and works with me on the Note. And I couldn't wish for anyone better to work with, she's amazing. ^^


Goo's posts make my day. She makes me laugh out laugh. ^^ She also actively takes part in different activities, for example in SS at the moment.


Si-chan is one of the most active mods and active members. She writes fics, she makes lots of adorable posts and genuinely cares for other members. She also does a lot of behind-the-scenes work as a mod.


Another one of our most active mods. Garty posts a lot on different areas of the forum and she's always eager to share her Pan-wisdom with others. She, too, does a lot of mod work behind the scenes.


Mume is a new member but she's already done a lot on the forum. She's really active in posting, she takes part in different activities and she's always sweet to all the other members.


Sage is all-around active, she posts in all the board sections and she's hosting her own activity at the moment. Until recently, she was also the only active leader who wasn't a Prince and she took good care of her Guild.

Re: Members' Choice Award: FIRST ROUND

Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:54 am
by Sihaya
Thanks, Maiju <3