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2013 Members' Choice Award: FIRST ROUND

Our newest annual activity! The AMAs is an event where we celebrate the active members on the forum and give special praise to the members who have contributed the most!
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2013 Members' Choice Award: FIRST ROUND

Post by maiju » Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:28 am

Hey Pangoers!

It's the time to start the nominations round for out fourth AMAs! ^^

If you haven't read the Info Thread to find out how the AMAs work, it's recommended that you do so first. That thread has a lot of information about the event.

On the first round, you can nominate as many members as you want, but keep in mind that you can only vote for one member in the second round. There are no guidelines for the grounds of nominating someone but if you can, you might want to provide some reasons why someone deserves a win so that you can get others behind him/her, too.

Everyone who is a registered member on the forum is able to nominate and vote in the AMAs as well as get nominated and voted for. This includes the moderators and the leaders.

You can nominate until December 10th. After that a poll will be set up for the second round.

Please post your nominations in this thread.

Mods, report to the Bridge, please. ^^

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