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 Post subject: Secret Admirer '12 Presents
PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:37 pm 
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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

It's time for our three Cupids to post their presents! ^^


Only participants are allowed to post in this thread.

If you want to comment on the presents, please do so in the SA '12 Present Discussion thread.

Presents should be posted no later than February 20th. Those who do not make this deadline will be placed in the Hall of Shame.

- If you've made fanart and the image is very large (more than 600px wide), please post a link to the pic instead of posting the pic itself in the thread
- If you've made fanart and the pic has NSFW material, please post a link or hide the pic inside spoiler tags. Don't forget to add an appropriate warning, explaining why the pic has been linked or spoiler tagged. NSFW rules apply for other media, as well. If your fic has NSFW material, place a warning in the beginning of the story, and so on.

Please follow the following format when posting your presents:
    To [b]Name of your person[/b],

    <Place present here.>
    (or alternatively a link to your present)

    *Optional*<Type a message here>
    (Feel free to explain your present and whine about your many days of work on the present.)

    [i]Your name[/i]


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 Post subject: Re: Secret Admirer '12 Presents
PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:40 am 
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To Goo,

In which I take a page from Kameko's book - slightly mature

“I can’t believe I let you talk me in to this. Again!” Ceasar groaned.

“It’s Valentine’s day,” Ice reasoned, in full-blown puppy dog eyes mode.

“Even so,” Ceasar sighed.

“You’re doing it because you love me,” Ice said sagely.

“I’m starting to question my sanity in doing so,” Ceasar replied. “At least you let me be the prince.”

“I look a lot better in this colour,” Ice said, twirling around in his blue lace princess dress. “It matches my eyes.”

“How many stores did you go to to find one in that exact colour?” Ceasar said. “Don’t tell me how much it cost.”

“Only four,” Ice said, not sure what the problem was.

Ceasar sighed and gave up. “Let’s just get it over with,” he said.

“Great!” Ice beamed, “did you memorise your lines?”

“Sure,” Ceasar said. “Not that they are any better than the ones you came up with last time.”

“Oh, shush. As I recall, you enjoyed the last time immensely.”

“Once I got out of that horrible polo shirt,” Ceasar said.

“It was sort of the point for you to get out of it,” Ice deadpanned.

“Like it is sort of the point for me to get out of this costume?” Ceasar pointed out.


“Then why the cheesy lines?”

“Because it’s more fun that way. Once in a while, at least.”

“You sure got that right,” Ceasar muttered.


“Nothing, let’s just start,” he sighed.

“Alright! Get out on the balcony.”

Ceasar didn’t even bother to object that someone might see and went outside. He’d managed to talk Ice out of the idea that he was supposed to hang over the railing and counted that as a victory. The rest had probably been too much to ask for from the start; once Ice got something in his head he was like a dog with a bone. Ceasar groaned internally at the unwitting pun.

He took a deep breath and called out the first line of the script.

“Who would have thought there was a tower this high in the middle of a forest this dense? I wonder if there is anybody living inside…”

He could hear Ice giggling inside and muttered unkind things about dogs while he opened the window again and went inside.

“Such a cosy home,” he said almost in monotone, “Someone very sweet and pretty must live here.”

Ice came out of the kitchen and clasped his hands in front of his mouth with a girly shriek.

“Who are you who climbed up the tower to reach my humble abode?” he sighed.

Ceasar had to bite the inside of his cheek not to laugh, or barf, or maybe both.

“Do not worry, fair damsel, I mean you no harm. What a surprise and a pleasure it is to find one so beautiful as you in this dark tower.”

“My father locked me in here to keep me safe from rascals and scoundrels. You’re not one of those, are you?”

“I’m not,” Ceasar said without much conviction - after all he sort of was - “I’m a noble prince!”

“A prince!” Ice gasped. “Are you here to take me away?”

Ceasar marvelled at Ice's ability to keep a straight face. He wasn't sure he could choke out the next line, let alone the one he was supposed to say after.

“If you wish me to, fair princess, I will take you anywhere you want me to. Nothing would please me more than to please you.”

“I'm not sure I'm allowed...” Ice moaned, “My father warned me that the world out there is filled with dirty men with bad intentions.”

“I'm a prince,” Ceasar said as if that explained everything. He stepped in and swept Ice up in his arms, trying to ignore the feel of the dress' fabric and the press of the apples Ice had stuffed inside it against his chest.

Ice made the 'oh!'ing sound that was his next cue, and Ceasar forced the next sentence out of his throat.
“I'll take you away to paradise, my darling. You stir up such a fire in my l... Gods, Ice, couldn't it just have been two princes? No way that a princess would stir a fire in my loins. Yuck!”

Ice pouted. “But if I were a prince too, I wouldn't exactly have hung around in this tower, right? I'd have escaped ages ago. There'd be no one here for you to 'rescue'.” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively and Ceasar groaned.

“Maybe I'm a prince who likes his princes a little more assertive than a poor bird of a princess who lets daddy lock her up to wait for someone to push his dubious intentions on her.”

Ice scrunched up his face. “Assertive?”

Ceasar continued to ignore the apples and lined his hips up with Ice's, so he could grind into them to help him make Ice see his point.

“Maybe I'd like to be the one who gets taken advantage of when I enter the tower. You know, ambushed by the prince occupying it and...” He saw Ice's eyes light up and knew he'd managed to avoid the rest of the disaster Ice's script had been.

“Oh,” Ice said. “Oh...

“Uhuh,” Ceasar breathed into his ear. He felt Ice's knees buckle like he knew they would and held him tighter, pulled him closer. “So get out of that dress, princess, and show me if you haven't got something I like much better than apples under there.”

Ice's fingers twitched in his shirt and Ceasar knew he had him exactly where he wanted him.

“Oh yeah?” Ice whispered, pupils blown and all thought of their scenario forgotten. “Like what?”

Ceasar slid his hand under Ice's dress and groped him roughly. “That huge Theo of yours,” he growled, and Ice tore the costume right off him.

“We didn't get it right again,” Ice pouted.

Ceasar lay on his back, arms folded under his head and grinned, very satisfied. “I think we got it perfectly right,” he said.

Ice poked him in the ribs. “That's not what I meant.”

“It's not like we need a script to be all over each other, babe,” Ceasar pointed out.

“But I read in this relationship book thingy that you need to keep things fresh in the bedroom or your boyfriend is going to cheat on you and leave you for someone who's more adventurous than you are,” Ice whined.

“Have you been reading Cosmo again? I told you that crap is no good for your simple mind,” Ceasar smiled.

“But!” Ice said, eyes large and teary.

Ceasar dragged him close and rolled on top of him. “I don't need fresh and adventurous. I just need you. I'm too addicted to you to ever grow tired of what we do together, whatever it is. If you really think you need new tricks, I'll give you a great book to read. Okay, love?”

“Which one?”

“It's called Kama Sutra,” Ceasar grinned.

“Sounds difficult.”

“It's got lots of pictures, don't worry.”

Ice frowned suspiciously at Ceasar's Cheshire grin, but concluded it could only be promising.

“Okay,” he said, and sighed happily when Ceasar leaned down to kiss him deeply.

“I love you, you mutt,” he said.

“I love you, too,” Ice replied. “Happy Valentine’s.”


Dear Goo, it's been a while since I've done any CIce and I didn't make it terribly Valentiny so I hope you'll still like it! I was thinking about what'd I'd do and remembered Kameko's CIce and how they'd acted out one of those cheesy porn plots together, and the idea stuck. I had a lot of fun writing it for you and I hope you've had a great Valentine and that this present adds to it even a little bit.

Lots of love,
Si <3

 Post subject: Re: Secret Admirer '12 Presents
PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:22 am 
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To Sihaya,

My Funny Valentine

When Roselyn left the stage that evening and made her way quietly to her dressing room she was greeted with two surprises. There in the dark and overly mauve colored room with its numerous gowns, costume jewelry and hair pieces on the vanity sat a bouquet of flowers. There was nothing new about flowers in her dressing room at Poseidon; in fact the club owner, notorious mob boss, Titus had flowers for her every night she sang. A dozen red roses each time; Roselyn didn’t have the heart, not to mention gall, to tell him she hated roses. But these flowers were different, daisies and red carnations wrapped in green tissue paper. The small smile that tugged at the corners of her mouth was put away by the second surprise. Titus.

“I’m not all that often shocked by women.” His voice startled her at first, it was calm and easy with that normal bored drawl to it. “There’s something I always pride myself on it has been knowing what a woman wants. But with you Roselyn.” His smile made her shiver, it was an almost ear to ear grin, deepened by the small round spectacles he used for reading. “With you I never know what will make you happy.”

He seemed almost bored while he sat reading the Times. Legs crossed in a chair against the wall, his customary bouquet of roses next to him in their usual crystal vase. He wore a dark blue pinstriped suit, no doubt Armani or some other name designer. She attempted to still the swell of fear that bubbled up when she glanced from the flowers obviously on her vanity back at Titus. “It’s almost depressing doll.” He changed pages in the paper.

“Can I help you with something Titus?” She asked her voice sounding small almost afraid. She’d never been afraid of him before, but now something had obviously changed.

“Name him.”

Roselyn raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m sorry?”

He slammed the paper down to the table beside him making the flowers tremble in the vase. “Name the slod that’s stolen from me!” His voice held a note of violence in it that scared Roselyn to her core.

Still her stubborn Midwestern demeanor was determined to get her into trouble. “Stolen from you? You’ll have to be more specific Titus. I do not recall hearing about a theft from the club.” She casually strolled over to her vanity and began her ritual of removing her performance pieces. The glittering diadem of emeralds that belonged to Titus, the silk gloves that matched the beaded dress she wore which also belonged to Titus, the shoes, jewelry all of it belonged to Titus. She was just the mannequin it all went on, the singing canary in a glittering cage.

“You know what I mean.” He bit out standing up, he’d obviously been worrying about something, his hair was sticking up in different angles. Much contrary to his normal preened self, there were numerous creases in the suit, he'd obviously been wearing it for a day possibly more. “Roselyn who sent you the flowers? Who the hell has been sending them every damn night to you?”

She didn’t answer on purpose, to afraid to open the card attached and see if his name was on them this time or not. To see him slip up. To know that he was a dead man now. “They’re a gift from the vender I purchase from, it saves me a trip in the evening when I go home than to go see him. Nothing more.” Lies. Titus was as good at spotting them as he was telling them.

He was about to respond and call her on it when Daks came barging into the room, saying something in a low tone to Titus that had him cursing. “Now of all times. Damn Black Prince, thinks he can just take what he wants.” He turned back to Roselyn who did her best to look bored while she pulled off her jewelry and shoes. “We will discuss this another time. You don’t need to stay tonight.”

Doing her best to look hurt and put off when she looked at Daks who knew better and gave her a small ‘you little liar’ smirk before turning on heel and following him out the door with a slight wave and good night towards Roselyn. Daks was nice enough when he wanted to be, but being the Shark of the Shores right hand man came with a hard as nails persona and you had to be a yes man. With a heavy sigh Roselyn picked up the card from the flowers in front of her. They smelled divine, opening the card it simply read ‘Sweet, sweet Rosey’ in a horribly rough script she was familiar with now and rolled her eyes. She hated when he called her that.

Changing into her normal street attire was a welcome relief, sure when she’d first started working for Titus she enjoyed wearing the glitz and glamour dresses, while singing jazz on stage for a room full of gangsters and tough men. The applause, the approval it made her happy; but that was a shell she’d learned. Taking the long way home she began to hum as she walked down the lit streets, night vendors still tried to sell her produce, meats, nuts, flowers; she held onto the bouquet of daises and carnations like her life depended on it, but she was still happy. Right?

For some reason though she became nervous, almost scared while she walked home. The click of her shoes was soon the only thing she could hear and she held tighter to the flowers as she rounded the corner to her apartment. Instead of taking the freight elevator like she usually did she used the stairs, going up the four flights quickly while glancing behind her at each level. At her door she felt rushed and fumbled with her keys dropping them from her hands, she bent to pick them up.

“Oh mother above, what a view.”

With a shriek and a swing of her hand she walloped whoever it was that’d she felt following her with her hand bag. “Ow! Don’t hit so hard. Though, I doubt that’ll do much good against a real attacker doll.” Opening her eyes she turned around to see the pair of molten gray eyes staring at her, rubbing his reddened cheek in slight irritation.

“Cleatus!” She semi shrieked. “Oh. Oh no. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s alright.” He said somewhat cracking his jaw giving it one last rub. “Something has you spooked though. What is it Rosey?” Reaching up he straightened his gray fedora back into place.

She pursued her lips together, god she hated when he called her that. “We’ll talk inside.” She turned back to her apartment door glancing around nervously. Pushing him hastily into the apartment she closed the door and bolted it behind her, somehow she felt a little safer than she had a moment ago and breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking over at Cleatus she saw his brow creased with worry. “He was asking about you today.” She pushed past him grabbing up the vase from the counter and filling it with tap water. Cleatus didn’t say anything while she cut the ends of the flowers and told him about how worried she was. “What if he finds out. I didn’t think before that he believed he owned me. I mean I’m not naive but he still shouldn’t treat me like I cannot have a life outside of him and the club. I’m beginning to regret even taking that job to begin with. What’s that?” She pointed her finger to a wicker basket clenched in Cleatus’s hand. It was overflowing with a bottle of wine, and what looked like foods wrapped in wax paper, for what she had no idea. It was the middle of winter after all.

He held it up looking at it with a small half smirk. “Well this week is a holiday so I thought we could celebrate early. The two of us being on opposite sides of the law makes it rough.”

Roselyn didn’t like when he smirked that way. It was cocky, rude and sadly sexy. “What holiday?” She said looking at the calendar, her frown deepened when she realized it was indeed a few days before Valentines. It fell on a Wednesday this year she noticed, middle of the week and she’d be singing at the club, he’d no doubt be working as well. “Oh, that holiday.” A slight blush fell on her cheeks and she glanced away from him for a moment.

Cleatus chuckled setting the basket down. “What don’t want to be my Valentine?”

“Stop putting words in my mouth, billboard!” She snapped putting the vase of flowers down on the counter spilling a little water in the process.

“Why do you insist on calling me that?” He asked pulling out a bottle of Pinot from the basket and popping the cork from it.

She threw her arms up in exasperation. “Oh I don’t know. Why do you insist on calling me Rosey when my name is clearly Roselymm— ” Her usual lecture about him never using her actual name was cut off short when he pressed his lips against hers in effort to silence her. Startled she stumbled back into the refrigerator her hands knotting in his suit jacket for balance. When his hand clasp the small of her back though she relaxed instantly and closed her eyes. This wasn’t the previous glancing pecks he’d given her before just to tease her, it was a real lip lock. Pressing back against his mouth Roselyn pulled him closer getting a groan from deep in his throat. He tasted sweet like Clove gum and smelled like a fresh baked bread.

When he pulled away she moaned softly in disappointment, a hand cupped her face and she placed her own over it, loving the caress of the calluses even though weeks before she’d called them disgusting. His thumb trailed over her bottom lip and he looked at her with hooded eyes. “Be my Valentine Rosey.” He whispered against her cheek giving the smallest of pecks.

“Okay.” She breathed her hands tightening in his suit jacket. “I’ll be your Valentine.” She felt her cheeks begin to glow. She was sure he’d notice or at least say something snarky about it, but instead he just pulled away pulling off his suit jacket and unknotting his tie in as well. Throwing them over the back of a chair he instructed her to sit while he made them dinner. Roselyn couldn’t stop the small laughing smirk she had. “You can cook?”

He laughed out loud, something she hadn’t heard before. “I’m a bachelor Rose. I have to survive somehow.” Rolling up his sleeves he turned on the oven behind the counter. From the basket he pulled two fully cooked Cornish hens. Roselyn couldn’t hold in the laughter that was beginning to bubble up in her throat. Cleatus stared at her for a moment one eyebrow raised at her. “You find my not wanting to give you food poisoning funny?”

Laughing hysterically Roselyn nodded her head repeatedly and wiped a small tear from her eye. Pursing his lips and hands on his hips doing his best to mock her voice. “You’re not getting any desert then.” He then pulled what looked like a pie from the bottom of the basket. Roselyn’s laughter died for a moment, then began again. It was raucous and wild and her warm chocolate eyes melting when she looked at him in utter disbelief; her small mouth turned up into a smile as she tried to regain control of herself, it only made him want to kiss her again. Sliding the pie into the oven without her looking he opened up the Hens, and a still piping hot container of quartered potatoes he had managed to make.

“This is supposed to be a Valentines dinner?” She asked her voice still full of a little mirth. She pulled a old quilt from a nearby closet and made way to push her furnisher out of the way. Pressing the table and chairs against the far front room window's she spread the intricately sewn quilt on the floor. “How about a picnic instead?”

“Perfect.” He said bringing the two plates over to where Roselyn had taken a seat in the middle of the blanket. Handing one down to her, he grabbed the bottle of Pinot.

“Oh. I don’t have wine glasses.” She said with a slight pout.

“Doesn’t matter I brought some.” He said sitting cross legged next to her. Roselyn smiled as he pulled a glass from the basket pouring the decanter full and handing it to her.

The pair ate their romantic dinner complete with apple crumble, which Cleatus learned was her favorite desert, while passing polite conversation between each other. In fact they learned more about one another that night than they had for the past two months of being acquainted. Roselyn learned that Cleatus wasn’t an only child but had 8 brothers and sisters each, all of various ages, he was the oldest, raised by his grandparents because his mother and father were too young to take care of him. Cleatus learned that Roselyn was one of four sisters, the youngest and the only one to leave their home town in the middle of nowhere Johannesburg, Nebraska. They laughed, joked and eventually her downstairs neighbor Sobre started playing his gramophone like he did every evening to drown out the noise of the city.

With a breathy laugh Cleatus stood up brushing his pants off as he did. Reaching down for Roselyn with an open hand he smiled down at her. “Dance with me?”

Blushing Roselyn took his hand without hesitating for once. Maybe it was the Pinot; maybe it was just cause she was enjoying herself. “Oh you dance and you cook? Is there anything you can’t do?” She giggled when they began to sway gently to the beat on the Jazz record downstairs.

“I can’t fly over tall buildings.” He said, smiling wider when Roselyn began to laugh against him. She smelled like heaven itself he decided immediately. “I can’t say the alphabet backwards. I can’t ride a horse. I’m a horrible shot with a gun.” She giggled against him, humming along with the song. Like violets and spring rain, that was how her scent was, she smelled, free. “I can’t stay away from you even though I know I should.” He whispered it against her ear feeling the goose bumps that formed on the back of her arms, he continued to sway with her though her humming had stopped along with her breathing. “I can’t say what I want to say to you because I know it will break your heart to hear.”

It had to have been the Pinot that made her say this, least that’s what she’d try to tell herself later. “Tell me. Please Cleatus.”

The silence between them was deafening, all Roselyn could hear was her own heart beating wildly in her chest. The world seemed to drain of color, the quilt on the floor going an awful shade of gray, the bright and cheery kitchen becoming a mausoleum of death. He stopped dancing with her and she felt his head turn away from her for a moment. Everything felt loud to her. Even her own breathing. The brush of his lips along her jaw line ever so lightly shook her to the core. The whisper of his breath tickle along the curve of her neck and against her ear. Then with the lightest of pecks against her lips everything became a whorl of color.

Wrapping her arms around his neck and crushing them together in what could have only been one of the greatest kisses of her life. He licked her bottom lip and she opened her mouth at the invitation, hands tangling in his curly blonde hair while his wandered over her hips. Roselyn felt like she was drowning and wanted to go deeper. Her hands clutching at his lapel pulling him closer when he obviously wanted to come up for air. Gently laying them both down to the quilt sprawled on the floor of her apartment, covering her in kisses, her hands urging him on. Cleatus chanting her nickname as if he were praying to god.

Nothing mattered, not Titus, not Cleatus’s connections to the police. None of it. They were in love and nothing was going to change that and the best part was. Neither of them had to say it.

It was the Pinot. She recalls the next morning, sitting on the kitchen counter drinking coffee from a mug. Cleatus emerged from the bathroom in a cloud of steam drying his hair and giving her the most shy of smiles she’d ever seen on a man. She returned it turning a bright shade of pink. When he pecked her on the cheek with a polite, ‘good morning’ followed by him asking if she had anything to drink aside from coffee she rolled her eyes. Examining his backside as he bent into the refrigerator. ‘Oh Mother above, what a view.’ With a secret little smile and raise of her eyebrow she laughed. Yes most defiantly the Pinot.


Dear Si, You can blame this all on my over active imagination. I've been reading a lot lately about cities like Chicago and New York back in the heyday of mobsters and jazz clubs and that kind of struck me as a good medium for Cleatus and Rose to meet in. I guess I'd never thought of the two as a romantic pair before now. Thanks for getting me addicted now. I do hope that you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. (Not to mention get all the way through it, it is god awful long lol)

Hugs and smooches,
Sage <3

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