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Secret Santa '12 Presents

A board for threads containing things to create or make, or other such activities.
If you think of things to do or make... why not create a thread here?

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Secret Santa '12 Presents

Post by maiju » Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:56 am

Happy holidays, Pangoers!

It's time to post the presents you've made! ^^ The what to do part has been edited a little, please make note of that.


Only participants are allowed to post in this thread.

If you want to comment on the presents, please do so in the SS '12 Present Discussion thread.

Presents should be posted no later than December 27th. Those who do not make this deadline will be placed in the Hall of Shame.

- If you've made fanart and the image is very large (more than 600px wide), please post a link to the pic instead of posting the pic itself in the thread. Otherwise post your presents, as they are, in this thread.
- If you've made fanart and the pic has NSFW material, please post a link or hide the pic inside spoiler tags. Don't forget to add an appropriate warning, explaining why the pic has been linked or spoiler tagged. NSFW rules apply for other media, as well. If your fic has NSFW material, use spoiler tags and add a warning in the tags as to why you've chosen to use the tags.
- And if you've made some other creative thing (AMV, puzzle, statue... you name it), same rules apply again. For Youtube videos, please add a NSFW warning with appropriate warnings in the Youtube tags.

Please follow the following format when posting your presents:

Code: Select all

    To [b]Name of your person[/b],

    <Place present here.>
    (or alternatively a link to your present)

    *Optional*<Type a message here>
    (Feel free to explain your present and whine about your many days of work on the present.)

    [i]Your name[/i]

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Re: Secret Santa '12 Presents

Post by Ibelen » Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:19 pm

To Sage,

I hope I hit the cute and silly mark ;) (I did not check the references before drawing so any and all mistakes in appearances is entirely my fault).
I wish you a very merry christmas with your family and friends and I hope you have a wonderful celebration, may the new year bring you many great experiences, adventures and opportunities <3 .

Love and hugs from,

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Re: Secret Santa '12 Presents

Post by t3hfluff » Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:57 am

To J,
Merry Christmas!
Full size can be found Here
Lineart can be found Here
This image is part of a fiction I honestly desperately tried to keep short but I'm too detailed. LOL

Here is an excerpt!
On Christmas eve, Cleatus knocked on Rose’s door. He was well dressed and looked so charming.

Rose herself was in a sleeveless backless red dress that extended past her knees. She wore icicle like silver earrings and had made up her face and hair to celebrate the holiday. He stood breathless for a second when she opened the door.

“You look stunning.” He gasped.

“Thanks I should say the same to you. I love this suit of yours where did you get it?” She closed and locked the door.

“This thing?” he tugged on his outercoat. “I’ve had this for a while”

On their way down and outside to get to the party location Rose noticed Cleatus had looked up at the sky with a worried face. He shook his head and sighed.

“There aren’t going to be as many stars out tonight…”

“That’s right, you said the moon hides the light coming from the stars.” Rose repeated. “That stars are best seen in complete darkness. Sad, I rather liked learning them from you.” She blushed.

“Me too.” He sighed.

When they arrived at the party, the front door was being bounced by a tan skinned young blonde, probably a student, but he was definitely a surfer. He looked ridiculous in a tux.

“Welcome dudette, what’s your name?” he asked as he flipped through his list.

“Rosetta Wolf and….” She hesitated and turned at Cleatus who bowed a little. “Date” Upon hearing that he blushed and looked away and brought his hand to cover his embarrassment.

They entered and were introduced to many of the faculty who were still around and of course the vice principal. Titus was away on a trip so Rocko was in charge until he got back. They were approached by him and his lovely date, she was a tall and buxom young woman with golden blonde hair and a cocktail dress that Rose felt was too risqué.

“Ah Rosetta, it’s good to see you here, Merry Christmas!” He shook her hand. “May I introduce my girlfriend, Goldie” The young woman curtseyed best she could without falling out of her dress.

“And who is this charming date of yours?” He looked like he was giving a sharp glance at Cleatus. Rose turned to see Cleatus trying to avoid eye contact.

“This is my date, Cleatus.” She clung a little to his arm and patted it. He turned his head and bowed it.

“Well met.” Rocko said flatly. “DO enjoy yourselves.” He seemed to be directing his comment to Cleatus. He turned to his girlfriend and whispered to her.

“Rose, would you like some refreshments? Come, follow me, let us bring some back for our boys.” Goldie giggled and took Rose’s arm and dragged her away. Rose looked back and saw Rocko and Cleatus talking with serious looks on their faces. I wonder if it’s about his nephews. I hope he’s alright.

“Your date is so charming.” Goldie said to Rose. "Had I not met Rocko first, I might have snagged him up instead.” She giggled.

Rose felt a little embarrassed, she and Cleatus were good friends now. However, she did have a girlish fantasy of having more than just friendship with him. I wonder if he feels the same… Rose suddenly felt a little competitive.

“Well I met him first and so he’s with me now, isn’t he?” she said cooly. “He works hard to send his nephews to this school. And is very proper.”

“Is he rich?” asked Goldie, who’s eyes shimmered at the thought.

“Of course not, he works full time locally to make ends meet!” Rose exclaimed in disgust.

“Well then, I certainly have the better catch. Rocko is rolling and he’s super successful and easily supports his son’s extravagance at this school too!” she wagged her tongue at rose. “And the next couple of days are going to be amazing in the sac too!” she gloated.

I’m starting to hate this woman. Rose furrowed her brow. She took her refreshments back to where she left the men and stopped when she overheard raised voices.

“I told you, it’s not what you think!” she heard Cleatus shout. “Who I choose to be friends with is my business and none of yours!”

“You’re treading on thin ice here, Cleatus. This is the worse time for you to be playing games and you know He’s here and has dealt with this kind of folly before!” growled Rocko.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” Cleatus stormed off to the opposite side of the room. Rose followed behind trying not to spill their glasses.

“Cleatus?” Rose approached him slowly as he leaned his head against a wall. He turned with a frustrated look and seemed like he was in a lot of pain. “Is everything alright?”

“I.” He stood up, brushed himself off and sighed. “I’m fine, he’s just jealous.” He grinned wickedly.

“Oh.” Rose blushed thinking what that might have meant.

“Would you like some eggnog?” she offer him a glass.

“Yes, thank you” He gulped it down in one shot.

Rose loved eggnog. It seemed this was spiked though because she could smell the brandy. It was smooth and delicious nonetheless. Cleatus seemed to enjoy several. Rose was truly curious why he was so upset and touched his arm.

“Are you sure you’re okay? Don’t get too drunk, I wouldn’t be able to carry you back home.” She giggled.

He turned to her and smiled and sighed. “It would take a lot to get me drunk.” He laughed. “I have had a lot on my mind as of late, I apologize for worrying you.“ He held her hand and squeezed it a little.


Later on in the evening several of the students who were there were running around screaming. Apparently one of the students was going around bitting everyone. It reminded her of a month back when Cherokee had to be sent to the nurses office because he was so upset. Rose hoped it wasn’t him that was causing the ruckus. Poor kid.

Cleatus was relieved and wanted to leave early.

“Walk with me?" he asked. Rose felt that walking outside was probably the best thing for him. Eventually the party was shut down because there was too much biting and running around in the party.

So they walked the area arms linked and came to the beach. Rose pulled off her heels and dangled them in her hands as they walked. Cleatus glanced up at the moon nervously and then looked around them.

“It seems like we’re the only ones out here tonight. That’s good.” He sighed.

“Why? Were you expecting others?” Rose tilted her head and gave him a questionable look.

“Heh, It’s good because I can do this!” He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. Rose gasped and dropped her heels that landed on the sand in a soft hush. He pulled her hand in his and began leading her in a ballroom dance. Rose was shocked, but didn’t mind it at all. In fact she was starting to worry he was too upset from the party that he would just walk off. The fact that he swept her off her feet in the sand dancing to the music of the waves excited her.

“What are you thinking about, rose?” He smiled sweetly at her.

That you’re always full of surprises. She blushed. “You’re simply amazing.”

“Ditto.” He stared at her with his beautiful gray eyes. He looked so mesmerizing as they danced. His head was bowed low and their faces were inches apart. She wondered if he would kiss her right then. He dropped her into a dip and pulled her back up. Rose gasped and giggled.


A large wave broke against a large group of rocks nearby. The spray could be felt and she shivered from the cold water. Cleatus noticed and pulled his jacket over her.

“Lets take you back home, shall we?” He held out his hand. Rose obliged.

As they reached her door, Rose pondered what course of action to take next. Should I invite him in for tea? Did he drink too much? I don’t think he should drive home. Wait did he drive here? I don’t remember.

The last few nights of him escorting her home, it was say goodnight and go. She had always enjoyed their late night talks and wish they could last longer, but this was Christmas Eve!

“Thank you again for such a wonderful time. Despite the short holiday party.” She blushed,
removed his coat and gave it to him.

“Yes, of course. It was my pleasure, my lady.” He took his coat, held her hand and kissed it softly. Right, then a thought occurred to her. She grinned and before he even lowered his hand she pulled their hands down and behind her as she reached up and kissed him on his cheek. She brushed her fingers through his hair behind his ears and then pulled away from him. I'm such a tease. A small ring of lipstick remained from where her lips had been. He blushed, blinked and stood still for a moment, completely speechless.

“Goodnight.” She giggled while he was still dumbfounded. But before she even turned around she
was grabbed and pulled close to him. She could feel his heartbeat pound through his chest. His body was so warm. His breath was heavy on her neck. He hugged her tight and whispered.

“You’re not sending me away with that are you?”

“Cleatus….” She sighed into his chest. She pulled back her head and looked into his grey eyes once more and saw that he was pleading to stay.Is he for real? I can see where this is going... She felt a wave of heat come over her.

“W-would you like come in for tea?”

“I would very much like that” He smiled sweetly.


What's strange is through this entire process I re-read pandect several times and got so freaking excited about this pairing that I used to believe as crack. It's now my OTP. seriously, I'll be mad if it's not canon. BY THE WAY, the whole fic features Nogar and various other plotness. I really hope you enjoy it once I finish the end product. I will post a link here later once I submit it to the fanfic board.

P.S. The moon is just waning past full here so Christmas Eve was pretty much full moon instead of the day before.

From your special secret santa,

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Re: Secret Santa '12 Presents

Post by korlaena » Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:45 am

To Fluff,

Click here for your present!

I had a difficult time figuring out what to paint for you Fluff, but it was a fun challenge! And I really hope that you enjoy the result. :) I hope that you had a most wonderful Hanukkah! And Happy Holidays to the whole PanFamily, I miss y'all! <3

With love,