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 Post subject: The Juliette Killer Special [A Chance Meeting with Fate]
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:36 pm 
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Juliette Killer Special: A Chance Meeting with Fate
August 1919

“He’s this way!” Shouts rang out all around him. “Down here! He ran into the alley!” He was having a hard time breathing, he’d been running for what felt like hours now. Running from the police and now he was running from the Serpents.

Darting around a corner he tried to slink behind some garbage cans. All he took was something to eat, it wasn’t even that much money for it, a couple apples and half a loaf of bread wrapped up in his shirt and stuffed into the pockets of his torn trousers. Skidding to a halt he jumped into the darkness between a garbage can and dumpster. Ducking his head down and into his knees he tried to make himself as small as possible, hoping that when they caught up with him the Serpents would miss him. A back door slammed open across the alleyway from him, out from the back of a shop a boy about his age teetered outside a garbage can clutched to his chest. His hair was two different colors, blue and a off white color. “I saw him go this way!”

The shout startled him, leaning out further he looked down the alleyway then spotted him pressed against the trash cans. The boy stared right at him for what felt like forever until he reached down in the narrow alley way pulling him to his feet and yanking him into the shop. Closing the door quickly they were pressed next to one another in the small entrance listening to the men as they passed the shop door. The both of them were holding their breath and let out a heaving sigh after they made it past. The young boy opened the door peering out he looked back at him accusingly. “What did you do, bright eyes?”

The blue eyed boy was startled and blinked a couple times. “I was hungry.” He said in a hushed whisper. The other boy rolled his eyes and glanced around the alley again. He took hold of his hand and pulled him along behind him. They wound their way through alleys and past dumpsters, it took him a moment to realize this boy was leading him out of Serpent territory.

When they were several blocks towards the other side of town, the boy pointed towards one of the sky scrapers. “Keep going towards that and you’ll be alright. They won’t find you if you’re not near the docks.” With that the boy pushed him into the street, stumbling he fell and turned around getting one last look at the red eyed boy that helped him. His warm garnet eyes locked with his own sapphire ones. “My name’s Edgar. You’re welcome.” The he blinked and then the kind boy was gone.

+ + + + + +

June 1935

Fresh out of the academy, just like all the others he was on desk duty until he passed vetting and was given a badge and fire arm. Who would have thought the young orphan thief that had grown up on the streets would now be the one investigating the murders that happened on them. He’d come a long way from being stuck in an orphanage once he’d been caught to being adopted by an ageing woman. He’d gone to the academy to become a detective, specifically a homicide detective it was a relatively new concept in this city and not everyone in the precinct felt the need to warm up to the idea of specific men being the only ones handling homicides. It had been more than a month since he’d graduated and been assigned post here. Sadly he’d gotten used to the jeers from other officers about being on mandatory desk duty.

“Hey Blue Eyes!” Jeered one of the other detectives. “What’s on the agenda today? More paper work?”

Three other men in the room laughed and he ignored them. It had been like this since he’d left the academy. Someone cleared their throat and all eyes fell on the Chief, he’d walked into the room at some point in their jeer from the obvious unimpressed look on his face. Chief Aybu was a thin man but he’d had no problem ever controlling a situation, he’d lose his position in a few months time. Retirement was a pain and he didn’t look like he needed it but the man was in his late fifties and it was time to move on. “Noah!” He shouted, looking him over with a critical eye.

Noah stood at attention as quickly as he could behind his desk. Some of the other officers snickered, they knew what was coming. “Yes sir?” He addressed, back ridged.

Aybu walked to his desk eyeing him from head to toe. “Where is your uniform?”

He’d intended on wearing it again this morning, he’d put it on like the last few weeks but something stopped him this morning. Instead he had a pair of dark color trousers a blue shirt, tie and a suit jacket. It was far from the uniform. “I chose not to wear it sir.”

“Why is that Detective? Is this some kind of rebellion?”

“No sir.” Noahs voice was grave, he’d been called a rebel before in the academy. It only ever made him smirk “I only thought that I should appeal to my fellow officers opinions of me. That is all.”

Aybu turned to look at the grinning faces of the squad room, the entire place had fallen in near silence. “What opinion is that?”

“I don’t belong here sir.”


“I’m not one of them. I’ve been trained differently, I was a criminal once, I’m not from a descendant family. Take your pick Chief.” There was a heavy clank on his desk. Noah looked down to see a badge and pistol set down before him. It was a Smith, not a standard issue for the police. He looked up at the gray haired man in question.

“If you’re going to be different you might as well have a different gun.” He half smirked. “Congratulations on getting your service weapon Detective.” He then tossed a folder onto his desk. “And your first case.”

+ + + + + +

He showed up at the crime scene which was half way across town and when he showed up there wasn’t a damn thing he could do. The damn precinct had mucked around the crime scene enough to trample dirt into the carpet and scuff the floors, they’d moved the body shifted furnisher looking for evidence. He ground his teeth together slightly at the sight. “Everyone stop what you’re doing!” He shouted irritation edging on his voice. It took a good thirty minutes or so to explain that they were all contaminating everything he needed to look at. He’d first wanted to be a detective after reading Conan Doyal’s stories about Sherlock Holmes in the orphanage. It wasn’t until he entered the academy he realized that the character was based off of a real person, Joseph Bell. He’d scoured the man’s notes along with many others including Bertillion who introduced finger printing and mug shots.

It was a new world now, things were just starting to move forward for crime solving. He glanced up at the officers standing around the room there was no more than four of them waiting around. It was idiots like this that were slowing science’s progression. He sighed heavily yanking the gloves from his hands and stuffing them into his pocket. “Were there any witnesses?”

“Just one.” The detective looked down at his note pad. “Lady next door said she saw a guy leaving the apartment. Gave a good description too, good enough we caught the guy.”

Noah’s brow furrowed. “So soon, that’s unusual.” He muttered to himself looking at the body being loaded on the gurney next to him. “They have him back at the precinct already?”

The cop nodded and Noah walked away. “Release the scene. There’s nothing else here.” He got in his car and slammed the door resting his head on the steering wheel. The victim was a man in his late forties, double tap to the chest right in the heart close range. There were powder burns on his shirt and everything. Everything about this said mob hit, starting the engine a stone settled in his stomach. A large heavy stone of worry, it was his first case and already he had a likely unsolvable case. Perfect.

+ + + + + +

“The guy just gave up?”

“Well yeah. It was as if he was expecting us to catch him.”

“He’s one of them right? One of the Sharks men?”

“No I hear he’s working for the Serpents.”

“What are you guys babbling about?”

The chatting stopped the second Noah made his presence known. Sighing he picked up a new manila folder that had appeared on his desk while he was out. “Suspect is in the interrogation room?” Ignoring the looks he was getting from the other officers he made his way down the narrow hall and into interrogation which was nothing more than a closet with a desk and two chairs. Noah scanned the file down, reading everything he could in the time it took him to walk down the hall and open the door. He didn’t look up once he came in the room. “Well sir we have a witness that can place you fleeing the scene of an active homicide. What say you?”

Looking up from the folder it was as if he’d been punched in the jaw. Garnet colored eyes stared at him for a moment from under blue and white hair. There was a smile on his face, strange for a man that was being accused of murder. He was dressed in an expensive looking suit with monogrammed cufflinks and a matching necktie to boot. The hair those eyes there was no doubt that it was him. “I was fleeing the scene because I was looking for the scum that shot one of my best informants. I didn’t kill him.”

“Then why were you running?”

“Like I said I wasn’t running I was looking for the guy that had already shot him.”

“You said informant are you a undercover?”

He smiled at him and Noah felt something tighten inside. “Something like that.”

“What does that mean?” Noah scoffed crossing his arms. The room was small and closterphobic; he hadn’t felt this way since the orphanage.

He pressed his lips together trying not to smile. “The man you’re looking for is known as Caligari. He’s a leader in the Serpent’s circle; he’s the one that killed Naira. Claigari has a chip on his shoulder the size of Europe and it’s not going to get any smaller until he gets back what he wants.” He paused blinking a couple times at Noah. “Are you not going to write this down?”

“I don’t have too. Edgar.”

“You remembered.” There was a knock on the door, and it opened revealing a tall man in a equally expensive suit. “This would be my lawyer, Dyami. Now will you be charging me with anything or are you letting me go?”

Noah stared at him for a long time, the other officers were talking about the local mafia’s that were always at war with one another. They had been since he could ever remember, Serpents were the worst previous rum runners that now made their money in illicit trades. Clearing his throat, he tossed the folder on the table. “You’re free to go.” Edgar stood up, the chair scraping against the floor loudly. Just as he got to the door Noah asked. “You’re him aren’t you. The Black Prince?”

Edgar paused in the door way. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a business card and handed it to Noah. “Come here if you want to talk, Bright Eyes.” With that he was gone.

Noah glanced down at the card it was for a jewelry store across town.

+ + + + + +

Two days passed, Noah had closed the case. Some mediocre lower level Serpent had been caught with the gun while holding up a grocery on the west side. There was no doubt in Noah’s mind that he wasn’t the one that did the shooting but he’d confessed. Covering for someone higher up, nosing into the Serpents was something that normally got you killed. Maybe Edgar was telling the truth, maybe it wasn’t him and it was Caligari. He’d been rumored to have taken power and made the push to running drugs, weapons, people you name it he was doing it.

Two more cases, the same thing, double tap to the chest close range. No prints. Nothing at the scene to indicate a struggle. All three victims were known associates of the Black Prince what was motivating it though, they had no connections to any Serpents to have been killed by one. It didn’t make any sense. So here he was standing on the street, the card Edgar had gave him clutched in his hand. Noah had been fighting with the thought of going to see him, to talk to him. Why was he here, was it for the case or himself? He’d paced the pavement thinking, crunching the card in his hand he finally decided to go across the street and push open the door.

The bell above tinkled, inside it was quiet. Deathly quiet. “Hello?” He inquired, wandering between the glass cases. He heard a noise from the back, pulling his gun on instinct he started towards the noise but flicked the safety on. “Hello?” His eyes narrowed he nudged open the door to the back when a hand came down on his pistol, the other contorted into a fist careened into his face. Cracking his jaw and making him bite his lip, he tasted blood.

On instinct he dropped his gun, hand coming up deflecting a second punch, fisting in the coat and pulling hard. Edgar stumbled out from behind the wall, the smirk on his face only lasted a moment when Noah’s fist slammed into it. He retaliated and they both continued hitting one another, stumbling along the glass cases. Punch after punch, blow after blow until in a mad rush Noah tackled him crashing to the floor. Edgar flipped them landing him on top, his knee dangerously close to his crotch. “What is your problem!” Noah shouted gritting his teeth. “You invite me here and then you attack me.”

“You drew the gun first.” Edgar snapped back, garnet eyes narrowing at him.

“I did not!” Noah retaliated, damn he was strong he couldn’t move at all. “Alright maybe I did but you didn’t answer me.”

Edgars grip loosened, he stood up wiping the smear of blood from his mouth. “Did you come to talk?”

Standing up, Noah wiped the blood from his mouth. “No I came to ask you something.” Bending down he picked up his gun putting it back in its holster. “Who the hell are you?”

He smile at Noah, it was a shaded and sad smile. “Me? I’m nobody special.”

Noah watched his face, it was steely but his eyes were sad, it made him grind his teeth. “I don’t believe you. This is fate Edgar, us meeting back then. Meeting again now.” He paused partially for effect mostly because he didn’t know how to phrase the next question. “What else could this be?”

Edgars face turned defiant he snorted and pushed past Noah in a huff. “Fate?” He reached into a cabinet for a bottle of single malt in a crystal decanter, looking back at Noah for a moment he poured two tumblers. “I don’t believe in fate.” He turned, his hand out stretched to give Noah a glass.

“Then what would you call this?” Noah took a sip of the whisky, it was old. Defiantly of the rum runner quality, his brain suddenly hit a cement wall. Sweet mother what was he doing here. He’d gone from one of the best in the academy to drinking pre-prohibition whisky with a known gangster in less than a month.

“I’d call it, destiny.” Edgar knocked back his glass quickly, then examined it carefully before setting it down. “I’m going to tell you something no one else will Noah. There’s a war coming and people are going to die. You shouldn’t get caught up in it.”

At the mention of war it drew him from the thoughts of being a traitor to everything he’d worked so hard for into darker thoughts all together. “A war with who?” Good grief they’d already just gotten out of a war hadn’t they? The look in Edgars eyes told him it was closer than that. “You mean the factions? What would they stand to gain?”

“Serpents are becoming more aggressive, they’ve been importing illegal’s from South America. People, animals, drugs, guns you name it they’re doing it.”

Noah snorted, taking another sip of the whiskey in hand. “So isn’t that what gangsters do?”

“Not all of us!” Edgar snapped. “We don’t heartlessly kill people. Not on our streets. Not to good men. Men with families.” He paused taking a moment to smooth his obviously ruffled feathers. “Look, Europe is in crisis, we’re in the middle of economic meltdown and they’re about to take advantage on the home front. That’s why they’ve been killing men, they’re preparing for something big. Serpents are whispering it’s Caligari himself doing the hits.”

“So you’re saying that the Serpents are retaliating by their leader killing the Prince’s informants.”

“We’re not the problem. The Prince has protected his streets for years, keeping the Serpents at bay. But he’s dying we’re about to do something unprecedented Noah. Something that no one could have seen coming and they’re trying to stop it. Or help it along we’re not sure which.”

“And you need help.” Noah said snidely, clanking his glass down. “You want me to be dirty is that it? That’s why you asked me to come here?”

“No!” Edgars voice commanded attention, it was strong but he still sounded hurt. “I wanted to talk to you. There were ulterior motives but.” His sentence trailed off for a moment. “We were looking for someone. Someone with strong morals to keep an eye on things in the department. Someone to watch what was happening on the inside.” There was no sugar coating his next words. “We need to know if the new Chief is siding with them or not.”

Noah’s teeth ground together, his temper flaring. “I don’t think so. I’m not going to be a dirty cop. For what?”

“We aim to close them down. To keep the people in this city safe isn’t that what your job is to begin with?” Edgars face seemed desperate, Noah had crossed his arms against his chest and was leaning casually against the door frame. “If the new Chief is one of them he can over look all of their operations and things could get much worse than they already are.” Noah had his eyes closed, it was obvious he was resigning in his temper. “Please Noah.”

Noah stood silent for a moment. “On one condition. I’m going to ask you a question and your answer will make my decision.” He waited for Edgar to nod in agreement. “Are you Edgar the next Black Prince?”


Si, I hope you enjoy this gift to you for SS. Though it's exceedingly late and shamefully has no smut. I'd been waiting for an opportunity to sneak information about Noah and Edgar into JK but it hasn't presented itself. I do hope you enjoy this though and had a wonderful holiday.

Love, Sagechan

Wow. Hard to believe it's been since summer that I've posted anything on JK. I've been working on things sparsely in between. I think it's time to put this horse out to pasture. Life event's pending I'm anticipating having JK done by Valentines. If you've been following this you know this all started with a Valentines gift. We're going to be at the end soon you guys. So brace yourselves.

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 Post subject: Re: The Juliette Killer Special [A Chance Meeting with Fate]
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:58 pm 
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Yay!!! I love it sage! The background for Noah is cool.
Yes more jk!! Valentines??? Can't wait!

Why, yes, I DID cosplay as both Rocko and Cleatus!
I honestly wanted a shot of the two together... sadly didn't happen this time. perhaps at a different time! ;D

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 Post subject: Re: The Juliette Killer Special [A Chance Meeting with Fate]
PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:26 am 
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Sage, I'm honoured <3 That's two pieces of JK you've dedicated to me, I feel so spoiled '///' Don't worry about the smut, we can all read between the lines anyway :snark:

Thank you so much! *^o^*

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